FCS B5 Bonzer Fins.


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FCS B5 Bonzer Fins.

Front Side
Base: 5.06", 128mm
Depth: 2.16", 55mm
Area: 7.56"2, 4875mm2

Rear Side
Base: 5.35", 136mm
Depth: 2.84", 72mm
Area: 10.74"2, 6932mm2

Four FCS side fins specifically designed to work in a Bonzer 5-fin set up. These fins are designed to work with the concaves of the board to achieve greater acceleration and speed. Although quite similar in appearance, the two sets of side fins are slightly different in template and size. (The front side fins being marginally smaller than the rear side fins) Each fin features a long, swept leading edge and a short, rounded trailing edge, giving the overall appearance of a small triangular keel. Each side fin shares the same cant angle of 18 degrees. The added cant angle aids the flow of water over the fin during multiple angles of attack. The side fins work to control water flow through the concaves of the board, which enhance manoeuvrability and gives the board a unique feeling of projection. The design is effective on any shape of board, in any size of wave.

  • Do you place the larger fins at the front or at the back. Cheers.

    The large fins go at the back, this quad set is designed to compliment a longboard style centre fin in a Bonzer 5 fin set up.

  • do you think it will fit for my 6.0 superfish 7S i am looking for something to drifft a little

    These Bonzer side fins are designed to be used with a large centre fin in a Bonzer five fin configuration, so they will not be suitable for the 7S superfish, we'd recommend going for a smaller thruster set than your current set: http://store.magicseaweed.com/Accessories/Fins/FCS-Fins/?finsetup=932

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