This surfboard takes the fun of a retro twin-fin and brings it up to date to create an all round super fun performer for average waves.


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amazing little board, surfing better for it after a hand-full of surfs, goes in anything. excellent service as always with msw, board couldn't have been packed any better, had it next day as-well, awesome stuff, many thanks!!!”

DAVID G MILLS, 18 Nov. Review is from Fourth Bettsy. Translate.
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The overview

Taking the novelty out of a retro twin fin was the plan Tom Butler came to me with; how can we make it more fun as well as progressive? The Bettsy is the end result. An instant winner with everyone who's had a go on it. This is a must have for anyone who wants a load of fun on something a bit different this summer.

The Concept

So Toms plan with this board was to make a twinny that can hold aggressive new school manoeuvres but still be loose and free when the waves are less than average.

Designed start to finish with Tom, the Bettsy is maybe one of the funnest boards I've made and tested out along the way. It's really really quick, super easy to paddle and comes ridiculously tight off the bottom with so much zing. You can ride it as a twinny, a 2+1 or a thruster so the possibilities are endless it just depends on your style and mood really. It's a totally unique little board that will give you more fun rides per surf than you can imagine. Any waves, any surfer, any where, any time the Bettsy will get you cruising for hours, styling your nut off and putting your own stamp on how she should be ridden!

The tech' stuff and why we did it

The first thing we did with the Bettsy is narrow the tail of a standard twinny shape, this increases the curve of the outline as well as offer more pivot off of the tail, so it has a slight progressive fish feel to it. We kept the tail as straight railed as possible and also added a slight stinger tail to really put some more sensitivity into it on rail to rail transition, this makes it really responsive off of the tail and also very quick rail to rail.

We kept the beaked nose of the standard twinny to keep as much volume as possible which steps down on to a slightly rounder version of a standard twinny rail, this keeps you feeling higher in the water down the line, but to combat the corkyness of that step rail what we did on the deck is to run a deep double concave through the middle of the board and out through the tail, this adds to the responsive feel of the board by allowing your foot arch to sit over the stringer and really nestle in to the boards core. It gives you more control at the same time as more sensitivity to your weight distribution when doing turns and generating your own speed.

The rocker line is just a curvier version of an original twin fin. Still flat and still lightening quick just with a bit more hold in the pocket for that added flare when you get a nice bowly section, the bottom shape has a very intense double concave to vee out the tail which offers drive, lift and smooth rail transition, which really makes this board so easy and fun to roll around on the waves cutting back, slashing the pocket or swooping from rail to rail.

The fin set ups are also something we worked on, trying a few different options. The twinny set up is loose, really quick with a very free and easy feel to it. The twinny with trailer gives you that added hold to push turns a bit harder and come off the bottom a bit sharper. The thruster set up gives you all the benefits of a conventional feeling board with the added volume and general speed and flow of a twin fin shape! its just super fun I cant say it enough! haha get one!

Dimensions & Fin set-up:

Length Width Thickness Volume/litres Fins
5ft6 20" 2 3/8" 28.7
5ft8 20 1/4" 2 7/16" 30.5
5ft10 20 1/2" 2 1/2" 32.7
6ft0 20 3/4" 2 9/16" 34.9
6ft2 21" 2 5/8" 36.4
6ft4 21 1/2" 2 11/16" 39.7


Standard Poly construction, 2 layers of 4 oz cloth on the deck, one on the bottom.

  • what is the volume for the 5.10 and 6 respectively ?

    The volumes for all the sizes are available on the product page, the 5'10" volume is: 31.2 litres, the 6'0" volume is 34.4. litres.

  • What is the volume of the 6.2 Bettsy as I am used to a volume of 39.8L on the 6.3 firewire el fuego

    The 6'2" has a volume of 36Litres

  • 6'2" purchased, used about 10 times so far in 2 to 5 ft. I am seriously impressed with this board! It is tons of fun and requires very little effort! My traditional shortboard hasn't had a look in since I got it. The board is a slightly uncoventional shape, but performs very naturally. It has quite a lot of width at the nose which is excellent on take off but is extremely lively in the turn due to the more aggresive tail. The bit of extra thickness gives it the extra volume so it can be used right down to 2ft chop and makes it an easy paddle. All this contributes to making it really versatile. MSW really helpful in making sure it got to me in time. Service was top notch in correcting an error on the website regarding the width (which was quickly put right on the site).

    , 20 May 13. Review is for Fourth Bettsy.
  • looks great in hand and in the water too!it works great with small waves takin high speed in take off procedure! in big waves it's works fine like a shortboards,great manovrability and control make this board a cool choice for your surfing day!the layer concept looks great and the feeling under the feet when you turn on the waves it's easy to learn and make all the waves very cool! 4th surfboards:AMAZING!

    , 12 Aug 13. Review is for Fourth Bettsy.
  • amazing little board, surfing better for it after a hand-full of surfs, goes in anything. excellent service as always with msw, board couldn't have been packed any better, had it next day as-well, awesome stuff, many thanks!!!

    , 18 Nov 14. Review is for Fourth Bettsy.

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