Kelly Slater's signature fin designed for driving hard off the bottom and performing longer arc turns on open face waves.


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Please note, the k3.1 quad sets we have in stock now are blue, not yellow as pictured.

The FCS K3 fin template is a bit deeper and features slightly less base area than the K2.1 with a smaller more raked tip. This will allow the K3's to provide drive and the ability to draw out longer arcing turns. With a rigid base combined with a tapered flexible tip for quick rail transitions. A great fin for long drawn out turns and predictable hold for any surfer between 65-80kg.

How Many fins?

This is supplied as a set of four fins.


Front fins

  • Height: 4.41 in / 112mm
  • Base: 4.28 in / 109mm
  • Area: 14.22 sq in / 91.72 sq cm
  • Sweep: 31°
  • Foil: 50/50


  • Height: 4.41 in, 11.20 cm
  • Base: 4.28 in, 10.90 cm
  • Area: 14.22 sq in, 91.72 sq cm
  • Sweep: 31.0°
  • Foil: 50/50

Fin Size:

Komunity give each fin a size rating, each size has a recommended rider weight range, so you can easily work out whether a set of fins is going to be a good size for you.

  • Medium fins are designed for a rider weight range of: 65kg - 80kg



A Honeycomb core fin is lighter than a glass flex and not as stiff as a Honeycomb with Carbon construction, if you prefer a more traditional feel but want a lightweight option, go for Honeycomb.

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