A surfboard cut and shut, a wide nose to paddle and glide and a shortboard tail to throw some spray.


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Loving this board, so easy to paddle. Great advice from magicseaweed. After lots of hassle with another company really happy with this board.”

Rob Evans, 8 Dec. Review is from Maluku Flying Frog. Translate.
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It's every surfers dilemma, particularly when the waves are small or weak: You want to get in the water, you want to catch waves, you need the board to help you generate speed BUT you still want to be able to lay it on a rail and throw a little spray.

The trend for super fat shortboards has created a lot of fun shapes for surfers of all levels, but unless you're a WCT contender their fat tails can be hard to control properly rail to rail once you do get the board moving. The Maluku Flying Frog solves this problem by creating something of cut and shut; The front end is similar to a traditional egg or even minimal, but the tail is all rounded pin shortboard. You paddle in early and easy on that reassuring front end foam, pump through on your front foot on that wide, stable middle section and when you're ready weight the back foot and put the board on rail exactly as you would with a shortboard - the rounded pin tail gives control through the turn in gutless waves or hold AND control in larger surf

As a result the board lends itself perfectly to the surfer starting out and looking for an easy route to a decent shortboard surfing style, perhaps before stepping down to a proper shortboard - or the shortboarder looking to keep their rail work tight on days without enough grunt for their standard stick

With 5 fins provided including a large single fin centre fin you can mix things up even further. Enjoy the glide and smooth style of a single fin, add side bites for a bit more drive or ditch the centre fin and opt for the speed and hold on rail of a quad setup.

- Hand shaped in the UK
- Traditional polyester construction
- Black tail spray
- Centre fin & side bites

Dimensions & Fin set-up:

Length Width Thickness Volume Fins
5ft10 20 3/4" 2 5/8" 35.2 Centre fin & Quad set
6ft4 21 1/4" 2 13/16" 42.1 Centre fin & Quad set
6ft10 21 1/2" 2 7/8" 46.5 Centre fin & Quad set
7ft2 21 3/4" 2 15/16" 51.6 Centre fin & Quad set
7ft10 22" 3" 57.3 Centre fin & Quad set

5 fins are provided so you can use the board with the centre fin and two sides, or without the centre fin as a quad set-up.


Standard Poly construction, 2 layers of 4 oz cloth on the deck, one on the bottom.

  • does this board come also come with a FCS plug set up or only futures?

    Hi, this only comes with futures

  • what Kind of system have the 4 fins? It's fcs system? What include the order? Central fin and 4 fcs fins?

    Hi, it is futures fin boxes, you get a center fin and quad set

  • What length would you recommend for a 85kg 185cm person?

    hi, this depends on were, how often you surf. what you have ridden before and your ability

  • Hi MSW, what's the best bag and sock for the 5'10 board, cheers.

    hi, Any funboard sock will do the job. What sort of bag are you after, somethiing for chucking in the garage and car, or something to travel abroad with?

  • What is the volume of the 6.10 and the 7.10?

    This info is on the product page if you scroll down aswell. 6ft10 x 21 1/2" x 2 7/8" 46.5ltr 7ft10 x 22" x 3" 57.3ltr

  • Thinking of getting the 6,4, if I would add a singel fin to the board witch should I get? Im 178cm/74kg.

    The board is supplied with a centre fin so we'd recommend using the one supplied with it a couple of times to see how you get on, then you can go for a different size or flex pattern depending on your experience.

  • The tail paint job in the photos is a bit messy. I'm assuming that those are just prototypes. So does the actual board have clean cut paint lines or is that a design feature? Thanks

    Hi, that is how it was designed.

  • Can this board be ridden as a single fin?

    Yes it can, you might want to go fro a bigger fin as the standard one supplied with the board is designed to be used in the 2+1 set up.

  • What size board is the surfer in the vid riding?

    The board in the video is a 5'10"

  • Can we get an all white version?

    The Flying Frog is only available with the black tail dip as pictured, sorry we can't help more.

  • Nose and Tail dimensions for the 5'10"?

    The nose and tail dimensions for the 5'10" Flying Frog are approximately: Nose: 18 5/8" Tail: 15"

  • What are the nose and tail dimensions for a 7'10?

    The approximate nose and tail widths for the 7'10" are: Nose: 18 1/4" Tail: 14 1/2"

  • the single fin box is a standard 10 inch?

    Yes it's a standard length box.

  • Is there 4 plugs for a quad set up? Doesn't look like a quad in the photos only single fin with two side fins.

    One of the boards in the photo's is a prototype, the production boards have a longboard centre fin box and four fin plugs so you can use the board as a quad, or with a centre fin and side bites.

  • no quad option on the pictures ?

    One of the boards in the photo's is a prototype, the production boards have a longboard centre fin box and four fin plugs so you can use the board as a quad, or with a centre fin and side bites.

  • Fast, efficient service as always. Happy with the product and the service.

    , 21 May 14. Review is for Maluku Flying Frog.
  • This is an awesome board, quad fin rides like a dream! Great on bigger and smaller waves.

    , 22 Jul 14. Review is for Maluku Flying Frog.
  • I received the board in France only 4 days after I ordered it and had all shipping information from msw and tnt > perfect ! I tryed this new toy (6'4) in med 2-3ft waves last friday morning and this is a really good board : shape is really fun AND efficient. You can drop everything because paddling is so easy. Next the board is really fun and precise. I just love it - thanks !

    , 20 Oct 14. Review is for Maluku Flying Frog.
  • Loving this board, so easy to paddle. Great advice from magicseaweed. After lots of hassle with another company really happy with this board.

    , 8 Dec 14. Review is for Maluku Flying Frog.
  • Super board, great fun and drive through turns with thruster setup - looking forward to learning to ride with style in single fin mode

    , 12 Jan 15. Review is for Maluku Flying Frog.
  • Wonderful summer board. Not too buoyant but an easy paddler, yet surprisingly maneuverable. And fast.

    , 1 Feb 15. Review is for Maluku Flying Frog.
  • I had a great an experience with this shop! Great customer service! Special thanks to every single person from your team !!! Best regards!

    , 3 Mar 15. Review is for Maluku Flying Frog.
  • I choosed this board because Magicseaweed has recommend to me according my present skills and also about my needs on a board. Thanks again for this perfect conslulting!!! 😃 Unfortunately, the board was little damaged by the delivery service. Magigseaweed and me found a great solution to fix it and they send me some items which I wished for free from their store. Thanks again. Now I tried the board 7.2 (me 100kg) more than two weeks at the atlantic coast in France. I love this board! Really very easy to handle, easy to paddle in and good performance in all kind of waves even small waves and this with my 100kg. One star I have to take away because it seems that the material of this board (polyester) is a little bit more sensitive than other polyester boards. Maybe it is only my one, I don't know. However, I recommend this board and I would absolutely by it again.

    , 19 Jul 15. Review is for Maluku Flying Frog.

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”awesome service, 1st time ordering as just taken up surfing, but this wont b the last order, thanks guys!!!“

luke maggs

”Your store is great and the service is quick and effortless. You guys all sound so friendly too. “

jane hollingsbee