Beautiful resin tint malibu in a range of lengths accessible for surfers of all levels looking for a classically styled board.

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A classic shape with classic style. The resin tint looks beautiful and this sort of shape has been tried and tested in probably more waves by more people than any on earth.

Whether you're looking for your very first board or a seasoned surfer looking for a classy cruiser this should fit the bill.

The Modern Blackbird offers a free and flowing ride for the savviest of surfer, and it'll also satisfy the purist who appreciates the aesthetic beauty of traditional cut-lap resin tints.

Classified as fun shapes, these boards feature a very balanced outline and a generous sweet spot through the middle of the board. The rounded nose and full rails add to the usability of this model, which means regardless of your skill level, the Blackbird will paddle well, feel stable under foot, and accelerate with minimal effort.

The Blackbird offers more performance compared to other boards of similar size. The curved outline through the tail, moderate entry and exit rocker, combined with a single-to-double concave, enhances response time and lets you turn in more critical parts of the wave.

The traditional cut-lap resin tints on the Blackbird range not only look striking, but also guarantee that each board has its own unique appearance. The gloss finish further acts to highlight the tints, while at the same time creating a little extra speed through the water.

The smaller sizes in this model are set up as a thruster to really maximize manoeuvrability, while the larger sizes have a 2 + 1 set up for a more controlled feel.

The Modern Blackbird will remain in your quiver for years due to its dependability in all conditions. This is the ideal board for anyone wanting a versatile, slick looking PU fun shape.

7'0'' 21 1/2'' 2 3/4'' 47 ltr FCS M5 80kg / 176lb or less
7'6'' 21 5/8'' 2 7/8'' 53 ltr FCS M5 85kg / 187lb
8'0'' 22'' 3'' 61 ltr 6" cntr /w FCS GX sides 90kg / 198lb +
9'1'' 22 3/4'' 3 3/8'' 75 ltr 7" cntr /w FCS GX Sides ideal for all weights
NOTE: rider weight based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level.
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  • My first long(ish) board. Super fun for a shortboarder to increase wave count on cruisy lazy days, but still feels good when you put it on a rail. The glass on the deck seems to pressure ding pretty easy though, big dents under my feet after just a few sessions. Efficient shipping through the customs bureaucracy in Norway!

    , 17 Dec 13. Review is for Modern Blackbird (Green).

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”Lightening fast delivery!! I even accused my boyfriend of lying when he said it had arrived!!“