O'Neills Psychofreak is a very flexible winter wetsuit for surfers who want to feel like it's summer and still stay warm

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After over 30 years of surfing in cold water and hating winter rubber. Finally found this suit............THE best winter suit I have ever owned. Super flexible but still really toasty. Simples.”

Jonty Tucker, 18 Dec. Review is from O'Neill 4.5mm Psychofreak (Black). Translate.
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O'Neills Technobutter is probably the most comfortable neoprene we've experienced, it's very flexible and in the Psycho freak it's combined with stitchless seams for ultimate performance, this winter wetsuit is going to feel more like a summer wetsuit, perfect for people who hate getting into that thick, restrictive winter wetsuit.

The trade off for all this comfort and stretch is the lack of insulating lining on the inside of the wetsuit, what it does have is air chambers built into the main panels of the front and back, this gives you an insulating layer inside the wetsuit to keep you warm.

The Super weld seam is glued then sealed on the outside with a thin bead of rubber and on the outside and a slightly thicker bead on the inside, making a flexible but water tight seam.

A Code red zip, O'Neills waterproof front zip system, maintains the flexibility and helps keep out water form flushing in the neck or through the zip itself, it feels substantial and runs smoothly too.

There's no single lined, slick skin panel on the front or back like most winter wetsuits, this helps with the stretch but will mean wind chill could be more of an issue than on something like the 5mm O'Neil Mutant or Pyrofreak.

We'd recommend the 4.5mm Psychofreak for someone wanting the comfort and flexibility of a summer wetsuit who doesn't need the all out warmth of a hooded wetsuit or a standard 5mm.

Choosing the right thickness for you

This is a 4.5/3.5 wetsuit, it has 4.5mm panels in the torso and legs and 3.5mm panels in the arms and under the arms, this ensures you get the warmth in the core of the body and the flexibility to paddle in the arms.

The best thickness of wetsuit for you depends mostly on where and what time of year you will be surfing, 5mm is the most popular thickness for year round surfing in the UK.

We have created a guide which goes into more depth about choosing the best thickness for you so if you've got any doubts take a look at the msw wetsuit thickness guide

Choosing the right size for you

Getting the right size wetsuit is critical, the wrong size will not keep you warm and could end up putting more stress on the seams, different brands use slightly different size charts so you may not be the same size across different makes of wetsuit, we suggest looking at the size chart page to judge which size will be the best fit for you.

If you have any questions about the differences between wetsuits, the fit or the thickness that would be best for you give us a call on 01548 854660 or an e-mail on store@magicseaweed.com where we're happy to help.

O'Neill's exclusive TechnoButter Air is light, more insulating and quick drying than ever. With state-of-the-art insulation in the chest, back and in the lower core panels. The all new TechnoButter in the arms, shoulders and lower leg add flex and durability to the right places. Psychofreak takes you beyond warmth, beyond flexible and beyond your imagination. For Autumn 2013, the F.U.Z.E entry has been added to compliment an already insane suit.


  • Exclusive TechnoButter Air Neoprene - The most advanced super stretch neoprene available on the market. 20% lighter, 30% less water absorption with quick dry properties.
  • Patented Z.E.N. Zip Entry with drain hole - Featuring a pullover internal neck seal that blocks out water for maximum performance. Any water that penetrates the Z.E.N. collar or super short zip is blocked by the barrier and forced out the drain hole.
  • Super Seal Cuffs - O'Neill's new Super Seal Cuff is fused to create a very low profile at the cuff ending creating the best seal ever.
  • Double Super Seam Weld - All new narrower silicone-based urethane seal applied to both sides of a triple glued seam (stitch less) 60% thinner and lighter.
  • Krypto knee pads
  • External key pocket with loop
  • Plasma wrist and ankle seals
  • Contortionist seamless shoulder
  • Strategic seamless paddle zones
  • LSD - Lumbar Seamless Design
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    • After over 30 years of surfing in cold water and hating winter rubber. Finally found this suit............THE best winter suit I have ever owned. Super flexible but still really toasty. Simples.

      , 18 Dec 13. Review is for O'Neill 4.5mm Psychofreak (Black).
    • Most flexible and warm wetsuit i´ve ever had. Thanks!

      , 20 Jan 14. Review is for O'Neill 4.5mm Psychofreak (Black).
    • These wetsuits are the business. Most flexible wetsuit i have ever worn.

      , 11 Dec 12. Review is for O'Neill Mens 4.5mm 52-12 (Graphite).
    • amazing suit !!!

      , 17 Dec 12. Review is for O'Neill Mens 4.5mm 52-12 (Graphite).
    • Amazing winter suit. Feels too thin to be as warm as it is - its like a 3/2 from a few years ago. Very impressed.

      , 6 Feb 13. Review is for O'Neill Mens 4.5mm 52-12 (Graphite).
    • Wicked wetsuit!! Super stretchy and I didn't feel cold even after a four hour session! I'd definitely recommend it

      , 23 Jul 13. Review is for O'Neill Mens 4.5mm 52-12 (Graphite).
    • The best wetsuit in market

      , 25 Jul 13. Review is for O'Neill Mens 4.5mm 52-12 (Graphite).

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