Quiksilvers NeoGoo Ignite boots are sealed on the outside with liquid neoprene, making a more comfortable, warmer wetsuit boot

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Size/Style: UK 11.5

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This is one of the new generation of dipped wetsuit boots, we've seen it before from Rip Curl, C-Skins and O'Neill and all the major manufacturers have got a dipped style boot in their range this season, Quiksilvers is a nice design with a durable sole and thicker bands neoprene over the instep and around the back of the heel.

The dipping process effectively seals the whole boot, locking out water which will make you warmer, this should allow you to use a thinner boot than you would do in a regular non-dipped style.

Some of us at Magicseaweed who don't get on with thicker boots have used 3mm dipped boots all through the winter in the South West of the UK, so a 5mm dipped boot is a good option for most UK surfers.

The round toe version will be warmer than the split toe but some people prefer the extra feel of the split toe design, split toes also help prevent rolling of your foot within the boot.

Neo-Goo: A process by which these boots are dipped in liquid neoprene, offering a complete seal to keep you warmer.

  • What's the difference between RT and ST

    RT is round toe (no separation between toes) and ST is split toe

  • How's the fit of these compared to excel boots size wise ? Ta.

    I would go for the same size as you would in Xcel, they are pretty much the same.

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