Get great value and surprisingly high end features on this seasons Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 5mm winter wetsuit

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Please note, the sizing we use on the site represents the size printed inside the wetsuit, this is often a US size, but can vary depending on the brand, we always recommend looking at the size chart page to make sure you are buying a suitable size.

We're really impressed with the new Dawn Patrol front zip, with the big panel on the front, bright colours and minimal branding it looks a lot like a higher end wetsuit but still has the great value price point of the Dawn Patrol.

There's no liquid seal on the seams but it does have the stretchy E4 tape on the inside of the seams on the torso and legs to help keep water out and increase the lifespan of the wetsuit.

The neoprene is super stretchy throughout, not quite as much as the Rip Curl E-Bomb or Xcel Infiniti Comp but it's a great feeling wetsuit with plenty of performance for the price.

There's even some fluffy flash dry lining on the inside of the single lined, slick skin back panel which will help out a lot during windier sessions.

If you want a decent quality front zip winter wetsuit for a great price, the Dawn Patrol is one of your best options this season.

Choosing the right thickness for you

This is a 5/3 wetsuit, it has 5mm panels in the torso and legs and 3mm panels in the arms and under the arms, this ensures you get the warmth in the core of the body and the flexibility to paddle in the arms.

The best thickness of wetsuit for you depends mostly on where and what time of year you will be surfing, 5mm is the most popular thickness for year round surfing in the UK.

We have created a guide which goes into more depth about choosing the best thickness for you so if you've got any doubts take a look at the msw wetsuit thickness guide

Choosing the right size for you

Getting the right size wetsuit is critical, the wrong size will not keep you warm and could end up putting more stress on the seams, different brands use slightly different size charts so you may not be the same size across different makes of wetsuit, we suggest looking at the size chart page to judge which size will be the best fit for you.

If you have any questions about the differences between wetsuits, the fit or the thickness that would be best for you give us a call on 01548 854660 or an e-mail on where we're happy to help.

This high performance, durable, great value suit features:

  • E4 Neoprene used in key performance panels. E4 is 20% lighter than E3, warmer and more flexible.
  • Flash Lining in back panel for extra warmth, with 30% more stretch.
  • Free Flex neoprene - Includes new and improved, super stretch neoprene in body panels making the Dawn Patrol the best performance, value for money suit.
  • Batwing System - provides a barrier from water entry and cold water flushes.
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