The perfect introduction to finless surfing, the Seaglass Albacore softboard is for surfers of any ability who want to try something new


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richard witts, 24 Oct. Review is from Seaglass Albacore (Blue/White). Translate.
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Finless surfing has had quite a resurgence in the last few years, thin wooden Alaia surfboards have been cropping up all over the place but as anyone knows who's tried to ride one they are definitely not for the beginner.

Seaglass have moved on from their innovative Tuna surfboard and on to another finless design which is constructed from soft foam rather than traditional fibreglass.

The new more durable, safer materials and more generous volume allows the Albacore surfboards to be ridden by anyone from beginners to experts, if you've ever fancied trying out one of the purest forms of wave riding this is the perfect place to start.

Check out the video below for creator Tom Wegener's talk through of the board, it's the perfect board for stashing at your caravan at the beach or sticking in the boot of the car for a family beach day.

The Albacore is the simplest finless board in the world. It makes the thrill of finless surfing fun, easy and user friendly. The feeling the Ancient Hawaiians had as they rode their finless Alaia surfboards is now more attainable to more surfers. The Albacore surfs much like a thin wood alaia because of flex, yet it is soft and paddles very well and easily. The EPS core delivers this flex, and makes for surprising control and manoeuvrability. The board bounces from turn to turn and feels light underfoot. It takes the joy of finless surfing out of the advanced surfer’s world and into the realm of the beginner to intermediate surfer.

The Albacore is tough, versatile and safe. It can withstand rough treatment and needs no wax or complicated fins. It can be ridden standing or prone and is suitable for almost any wave conditions. The soft round nose and finless tail is infinitely safer than a normal surfboard. With the Albacore I am ready for anything from small slop to powerful double over head tubes, but my favourite surf is head high peaky beach breaks. It brings a new spark to this common surf. With so much versatility on offer the Albacore is hard to beat as the most promising all-round surfboard for any surfer, at any stage of their surfing.

Dimensions & Fin set-up:

Length Width Thickness Volume/litres Fins
4ft11 18 1/2" 2 1/2" 29.3 Finless
5ft6 18 1/2" 2 3/4" 36.6 Finless


SoftShell soft top construction

Softshell was developed for surf schools and beginner surfers who required a safe, durable, easy to ride surfboard.

Softshell is essentially a thick Polyethylene skin wrapped around the deck and rail of the board, combined with a soft slick bottom surface that keeps novice riders safe in the event of impact.

Using a vacuum construction process eliminates peeling or bubbling and allows Softshell boards to withstand the toughest of treatment, while providing many surfers the opportunity to safely catch their first wave.

  • When will you have the 5'6" back in stock and can I pre-order?

    I am afraid that we do not have the 5'6", nor can we get anymore until next year.

  • What size is the best for an intermediate 72kgs surfer?

    You need the 5'6"

  • Hey when will you have more of the 5 foot boards in???

    Yes, they will be arriving sometime towards the end of March.

  • Is it pre-drilled for a leash or can it be drilled after purchase?

    There is a leash plug pre- installed in the deck at the bottom right.

  • I am 6' 2" and I would describe myself as a beginner/intermediate surfer. Is there any point in me getting the 4'11 albacore or should I hold out for the 5'6?

    We will not be getting anymore of the 5'6" boards into stock until next year. You should be able to surf the 4'11", however, the 5'6" maybe the better option for you.

  • Do you need wax to stay on the board or does the soft top have enough traction?

    I would put a little layer of wax on it for extra traction.

  • Weird, but wonderful once you get used to

    , 24 Aug 12. Review is for Seaglass Albacore (Blue/White).
  • Mr Wegener is a genius, the concept totally works as they say! Really weird at first but when you go you go, soooo fast and spins are a really weird experience. It is also great fun as a bodyboard too! There is a surprising amount of float in this board for its size so dont let that put you off! Chuck a little bit of wax on for some extra grip and you are away.Five stars for ride and design! However, I am pretty concerned about the build quality of the boards. I have had three sessions in my board in pretty mellow not heavy surf; the black bumper along the bottom of the board has already started to delam (stuck it back on with sponge rez) and the board has creased. I would defintely not describe it as bomb proof!

    , 29 Aug 12. Review is for Seaglass Albacore (Blue/White).
  • Looks like a laugh to ride. Too flat for too long round here so no comment yet

    , 31 May 13. Review is for Seaglass Albacore (Blue/White).

    , 24 Oct 13. Review is for Seaglass Albacore (Blue/White).

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