A great fun soft board supplied with FCS river keel fins, the Softech Rocket is fun for beginner to advanced surfers


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Excellent service, contacted the store since purchase to check suitability of item for my partner and they were great. ”

, 13 Oct. Review is from Softech Rocket (Red). Translate.
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The Softech rocket is one of the most interesting softboards we've seen recently, the really wide nose with a drawn in tail is a good combo for getting in to waves early and still having some control for turns, it's supplied with two FCS river keel fins which slot into the official FCS soft board fin plugs so you can use any FCS set of fins with theis board too.

At 52" or 4'4" long it will fit in just about any car boot, or even under your arm if you're walking or riding to the beach.

Whether you're an experienced surfer wanting to try something really different, perhaps for the local shore break, or if you want to introduce kids to surfing with a user friendly, safe board design that won't be too big to handle, the Rocket is a fantastic value softboard.

It's supplied with the fins and it's got a bodyboard style leash plug at the tail, so the only thing you'll need to get the board in the water is a leash, we have lots of suitable options available on our leash page.

Softech's unique Rocket outline and design provides a great platform for getting gnarly. Perfect for the surfer looking for that "something uniquely different". Hand shaped and hand made by softech softboards for the ultimate ride.


  • Size: 52"
  • Core: 100% waterproof EPS
  • Stringer: 3
  • Deck: 8X 5mm X-linked PE
  • Slick: HDPE
  • How much does the board weigh and is the foam high-density or is it relatively squishy?

    The board weighs 2.3kg, the foam is relatively high density, it doesn't compress very easily.

  • What's the size of this board? It says one thing below the price and other in tech info

    This board is 4'4" or 52 inches long.

  • Does this board come with fins?

    Yes, it is supplied with two FCS River Keel fins, you can also use any standard FCS fins in the twin FCS soft board plugs.

  • MSW, what's the volume to the board ?.. Cheers

    This board has not had the volume published for it.

  • Hi, How wide is the board? And thickness? Thanks

    The board is 21 1/2" wide at the widest point and around 2 1/4" thick.

  • The perfect board to teach the kids how to surf. Fun and easy to ride.

    , 19 Aug 13. Review is for Softech Rocket (Red).
  • fantastic little board, great fun, brilliant for showing off your skills and messing about in the surf. only down side to this board is that the manufacturers suggest it as a board for any experience level, i disagree with this as a friend of mine who is a beginner tried it out and struggled to stand on it due to it's small size, apart from that, i would strongly recommend this board for intermediates to advance surfers as an incredibly fun and playful little board which is well worth every penny.

    , 7 Sep 13. Review is for Softech Rocket (Red).
  • this is brilliant,great for a family day out,anyone can have a go,plus its not to big to use between the lifeguards flags(in cornwall) its a bit big to put in the car though,so i bought a webbing roof rack with it

    , 18 Sep 14. Review is for Softech Rocket (Red).
  • Excellent service, contacted the store since purchase to check suitability of item for my partner and they were great.

    , 13 Oct 14. Review is for Softech Rocket (Red).

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