A long time MSW favourite, the Xcel Infiniti Wetsuit gives you a balance of flexibility and warmth by offering just the most essential high end features in a good value package

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This is the 2014 version of this Xcel Wetsuit. Magicseaweed are an official Xcel stockist and part of the Xcel Warranty and Repair scheme

Xcel's infiniti range distils just the essential features of the wetsuits at the top end of the market creating a good value option for surfers who are prepared for just a little compromise.

The warmth you need for long sessions and to getting into the 3mm earlier in the season comes from the insulating lining and slick skin on the torso panels, and the glued and blind stitched seams with flexible, sealing tape on the inside. This creates a slightly less flexible suit than, for example, the infiniti comp but with less water penetration and a slightly thicker, warmer lining.

The front zip system gives you more stretch in the upper body where you need it and helps prevent flushing of water through the neck of the wetsuit, making you warmer and more flexible.

UltraFlex, Xcels name for very flexible neoprene common in top end wetsuits, is used in all areas of the wetsuit, combined with their well designed cut of panels this gives you the flexibility you need to make the most of the warmer summer water..

Having just the core, tried and tested top end features available in a smart looking, fully stretchy, good value wetsuit means the Infiniti is likely to remain a favourite suit for us here at magicseaweed.

Choosing the right thickness for you

This is a 3/2 wetsuit, it has 3mm panels in the torso and legs and 2mm panels in the arms, this ensures you get the warmth in the core of the body and the flexibility to paddle in the arms.

The best thickness of wetsuit for you depends mostly on where and what time of year you will be surfing, 3mm is the most popular thickness for summer wetsuits in most of the UK and Europe.

We wear our 3mm wetsuits from Spring to Autumn in the South West of the UK.

We have created a guide which goes into more depth about choosing the best thickness for you so if you've got any doubts take a look at the msw wetsuit thickness guide

Choosing the right size for you

Getting the right size wetsuit is critical, the wrong size will not keep you warm and could end up putting more stress on the seams, different brands use slightly different size charts so you may not be the same size across different makes of wetsuit, we suggest looking at the size chart page to judge which size will be the best fit for you.

If you have any questions about the differences between wetsuits, the fit or the thickness that would be best for you give us a call on 01548 854660 or an e-mail on store@magicseaweed.com where we're happy to help.

Xcel say:

With premium seams and materials, including 100% UltraStretch neoprene, the Infiniti X-Zip2 delivers a watertight front entry system for extra warmth and stretch on the colder days.

  • X-Zip2: Durable zipper on front flap, closed at one shoulder to keep more water out. SmoothSkin seal on open shoulder with pull cord and barrel lock. Snap lock keeps zipper closed.
  • Crossover Neck Entry: Overlapping inner front and back neck panels allows a wider step-in entry for a durable, easy on-off solution.
  • Fusion Seam Technology: Glued and blindstiched closed-cell seams sealed with inner Fusion tape for stretch and durability.
  • Pressure Bonded Seams: Durable pressure bonded glued, blindstitched and taped seams in the lower body.
  • Taitex Ankle Seals: Inner geometric Taitex Ankle Seals grip and seal.
  • ThermoCarbon: ThermoCarbon inner chest and lower body.
  • 100% UltraStretch Fabric: 100% UltraStretch Fabric throughout.
  • Single lined chest and back panel:Designed to reduce windchill, keeping you warmer for longer.
  • TextureSkin: Wind resistant TextureSkin outer chest.
  • DuraFlex: Durable, contoured, 4-way stretch DuraFlex knee panels.
  • Less Seam More Stretch
Unless you've had your head in the sand you'll have heard the buzz around Xcel wetsuits in the water for a while now. Anyone who surfs the winter in the UK will know that function over fashion is not a choice but a necessity. Xcel wetsuits have been coming up with the goods everytime with gimmick free products that do exactly what's needed. Their Drylock wetsuit is a market leader and the brand a regular winner of the 'wetsuit of the year' award.
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  • The only problem with this particular wetsuit is the half a stone I've lost since buying it. It is now a little on the large side, so I've also bought a medium which fits really snugly. I still use the larger suit, though. The Revolt is a very flexible suit, it dries quickly and offers a bit more warmth than the likes of the Infiniti Comp.

    , 10 Sep 14. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Revolt (Blue).
  • Amazing fit, super flexible. Having tried loads of suits from rip curl to patagonia this is my favourite.

    , 26 Sep 14. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Revolt (Blue).
  • always good with msw, good suit, xcel is the boss

    , 9 Aug 14. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti (Black).
  • Step change wetsuit for me. Very flexible, easy to get on + off, and almost like a dry suit - doesn't flush through at all. Having seen mine, my brother bought one too. Sizing guide worked well - seems a perfect fit, and arrived very quickly - thanks.

    , 19 Aug 14. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti (Black).
  • Quente,flexível,leve,bem construido e fácil de vestir e despir. O único defeito é o preço.

    , 9 May 12. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Drylock (2012 Black).
  • very warm on the first surf, great sitting out the back on a cool day but after each paddle back out its almost too warm. can't wait for the full-on cold days on the N.S.W. far south coast. easy enough to get on and off.

    , 24 May 12. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Drylock (2012 Black).
  • Excellent quality wetsuit! stretchy and warm. Very happy :)

    , 28 May 12. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Drylock (2012 Black).
  • reception ok combinaison qui prend l'eau par le col, gene au niveaux du coup et de l'epaule gauche pas mieux qu'une E-bomb pro

    , 12 Jun 12. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Drylock (2012 Black).
  • Incredible wetsuit, best ever owned. Early days but looks built to last - nice detailing and finish. Too many logos but that's just a person preference.

    , 18 Jul 12. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Drylock (2012 Black).
  • super fast delivery, great service as always.

    , 16 Aug 12. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Drylock (2012 Black).
  • the only suit i own and its great but i cannot wear it to functions as its much too warm ! the first time putting it on you need a lovely lady from the audience to help you with it. after that its fine and worth it cos not much water gets in. best to go one size smaller when ordering off the chart if you are not sure. i had to sell mine to a mate and then get a smaller one for the best fit. all good now. thanks ben.

    , 5 Sep 12. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Drylock (2012 Black).
  • lovely lovely suit well worth the money, i now realise how poor my other suit was.

    , 5 Oct 12. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Drylock (2012 Black).
  • Yet to use. Fits well looks good. Anything excel I have had in the past has been top quality.

    , 4 Jul 13. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Drylock (2012 Black).

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