The most flexible wetsuit in the Xcel range, the Infiniti Comp prioritises flexibilty and performance whilst keeping the fundamental Infiniti features

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Todo ha llegado rapido y perfecto. EL traje es muy elastico. Es un guante. Habra que probarlo en el agua pero la primera impresión muy buena.”

Francisco Javier Nuñez Valiente, 23 Oct. Review is from Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Comp (Red). Translate.
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This is the 2014 version of this Xcel Wetsuit. Magicseaweed are an official Xcel stockist and part of the Xcel Warranty and Repair scheme

On top of the great bright colours the Infiniti Comp wetsuits have the very latest features including quick dry lining and the new blue internal lining.

If you want to feel like you're not wearing a wetsuit this is the one to choose, the front zip, super stretchy neoprene and lightweight lining from the rest of the Infiniti range are there, with some key differences which make this wetsuit the most flexible in the range.

The seams above the waist are not taped or sealed, this allows them to stretch more than any other type of seam, giving you the freedom of movement in your arms that makes paddling easier for longer.

Choose this wetsuit if you need the warmth and versatility of a 3mm full suit to surf through the summer and don't want to compromise on flexibility.

Choosing the right thickness for you

This is a 3/2 wetsuit, it has 3mm panels in the torso and legs and 2mm panels in the arms, this ensures you get the warmth in the core of the body and the flexibility to paddle in the arms.

The best thickness of wetsuit for you depends mostly on where and what time of year you will be surfing, 3mm is the most popular thickness for summer wetsuits in most of the UK and Europe.

We wear our 3mm wetsuits from Spring to Autumn in the South West of the UK.

We have created a guide which goes into more depth about choosing the best thickness for you so if you've got any doubts take a look at the msw wetsuit thickness guide

Choosing the right size for you

Getting the right size wetsuit is critical, the wrong size will not keep you warm and could end up putting more stress on the seams, different brands use slightly different size charts so you may not be the same size across different makes of wetsuit, we suggest looking at the size chart page to judge which size will be the best fit for you.

If you have any questions about the differences between wetsuits, the fit or the thickness that would be best for you give us a call on 01548 854660 or an e-mail on where we're happy to help.

Xcel say:

The Infiniti Comp delivers unparalleled flexibility thanks to a large, seamless front and back comp(etition ready) panel for maximum core range of motion. Premium seams and materials; 100% UltraStretch neoprene.

  • Comp X-Zip2 - A durable, watertight, easy on/off front entry solution. The zipper flap is attached at one shoulder to keep more water out, with a SmoothSkin hem and pull cord/barrel lock combo on the open flap edge for a better seal and adjustable fit. A snap lock keeps the zipper pull in place.
  • Inner Crossover Neck Entry - Overlapping inner front and back neck panels (underneath the zipper flap) stretch to allow extra wide, step-in-through-the-neck entry.
  • ThermoCarbon - Inner neoprene lining with performance and environmental benefits. A blend of bamboo charcoal fibers and recycled polyester fibers provides excellent heat retention and helps improve warmth.
  • UltraStretch Neoprene - Our stretchiest, softest, most durable, and most lightweight neoprene.
  • Superlight Foam - 20% lighter than standard neoprene, with good stretch properties thanks to its lesser density.
  • High Performance Comp Design - A large, seamless front and back body panel maximizes core range of motion.
  • Fusion Seam Taping - Maximum all-way stretch seam construction. A glued & blindstitched seam is finished with our exclusive waterproof Fusion inner stretch tape. (This is only on the ends of the wrists and the critical seam between the neck panel and the body panel)
  • Pressure Bonded Seam Taping A glued & blindstitched seam using pressure to bond panels together, finished with durable stretch taping on the inside (this is used from the waist down)
  • GeoTex Ankle Seals - A thin geometric pattern of Taitex above the inner ankles forms a good grip against your skin and prevents flushing.
  • Glued & Blindstitched Seams - A fully sealed, maximum stretch seam construction that keeps water out. Neoprene panels are glued and pressed together, then blindstitched (needle doesnt fully penetrate neoprene, keeping water out). Can be finished with seam taping for added stretch, durability, and comfort.
  • Less Seam = More Stretch - Smarter product design means minimizing seams to maximize stretch. Any seams used are always pre-bent and contoured for a truly engineered fit.
  • DuraFlex Knee Panels - Pre-bent, contoured, articulating knee panels with durable, flexible DuraFlex. Help minimize wear-and-tear.
Unless you've had your head in the sand you'll have heard the buzz around Xcel wetsuits in the water for a while now. Anyone who surfs the winter in the UK will know that function over fashion is not a choice but a necessity. Xcel wetsuits have been coming up with the goods everytime with gimmick free products that do exactly what's needed. Their Drylock wetsuit is a market leader and the brand a regular winner of the 'wetsuit of the year' award.
  • Hi, Will you be getting in stock an Xcel mens 4mm infiniti comp in the same (Red) color combination that you just got in stock in the Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Comp (Red). I really like the color combo, but would prefer it in a 4mm Xcel infiniti comp version of the wetsuit. If you are not getting it in a (Red) 4mm, I will go ahead and get the (Red) 3mm version. Thanks again, Bernard

    Hi Bernard, We will not be getting this colour of Infiniti Comp in the 4mm thickness and it's not possible to order one from Xcel in 4mm.

  • Magicseaweed was super helpful in answering any of my email questions regarding the Xcel wetsuit line. I already have the Xcel 3mm infiniti comp wetsuit and think it is a great suit, but was purchasing from Magicseaweed because they have color & model choices not available in the U.S. I would not hesitate to purchase from them again. Delivery was faster than could be expected, and as fast as if I was buying from a store here in the United States.

    , 30 Apr 14. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Comp (Red).
  • Todo ha llegado rapido y perfecto. EL traje es muy elastico. Es un guante. Habra que probarlo en el agua pero la primera impresión muy buena.

    , 1 day ago. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Comp (Red).
  • 🏄

    , 5 Dec 13. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Comp (Red) 2013 Ltd.
  • Dearest, The service and speed of delivery was again so fast and so professional. I've received my wetsuit as it was sold on the website. I took it for a surf in Morocco and when i came home the wetsuit came open on the neck. I sended a mail with pictures to Shaun from the info@magicseaweedstore and then sended the wetsuit back to the UK. No i wait and see what happens... But nevertheless there's only 1 online surfshop it's yours!. Regards, David Vandenbroucke

    , 16 Dec 13. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Comp (Red) 2013 Ltd.
  • Fit is nice but they are very slippery on a long board using just wax. Recommend you rough up the sole with sandpaper before first use and apply some wax for extra grip OR use a board with foam grip pad

    , 19 Jul 13. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Comp (Blue) 2013.
  • Xcel fits me better than any other suit (and I've tried almost very major brand). This suit is no exception. However, whereas previous suits have been durable, this suit started to fall apart after 3 days and deteriorates rapidly over a week of use. Frankly gutted.

    , 13 Sep 13. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Comp (Blue) 2013.
  • Size was perfect for the more generously proportioned short (5'9) male, used while surfing in Fuerteventura in October was very warm and comfortable. Only slight issue was getting in and out from the top, understand this lets less water in but was quite tricky!

    , 31 Oct 13. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Comp (Blue) 2013.
  • las medidas son exactas como dice el fabricante

    , 12 Nov 13. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Comp (Lime) 2013 Ltd.
  • Actually, the Medium size was a little small for me. So, I gave it to my son as he was looking for a new wetsuit. I ordered a Large from you a couple of days later. We are both very pleased with the new wetsuits (especially my son, as he got a freebie). Your service was, as usual, very prompt.

    , 1 Aug 14. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Comp (Blue).
  • yeah the wet-suit is good, lets wait a year to see if it is really good. Cheers

    , 9 May 12. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Comp (2012 Grey/Silver).
  • Find of hard to get over the shoulders. Im sure ot rip it some stage. But really flexible and light.

    , 25 Jun 12. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Comp (2012 Grey/Silver).
  • It's brilliant

    , 27 Jun 12. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Comp (2012 Grey/Silver).
  • Really helpful over the phone, great service and super speedy delivery. Thanks :o)

    , 3 Oct 12. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Comp (2012 Grey/Silver).
  • Good fit, looks good. Doesn´t try it, waiting for the summer;-)

    , 12 Apr 13. Review is for Xcel Mens 3mm Infiniti Comp (2012 Grey/Silver).

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”i coach and manage my son Kai Otton who is on the WCT, I have 45 years surf experience, i like your site“

gregory otton

”Great to buy from, would have no hesitation in buying from again.“

Liam, Cork