The Chilli Bean is built for any surfer who understands that if you're not afraid of slightly more foam you can go shorter than you'd imagined possible.
6'3" x 21.5" x 2.3/4" Vol. 38l


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I'm very very pleased with this board. I ordered the 6ft6 as a step down from my 7ft6 mini mal and have had great fun with it so far. It's easy to paddle and catch waves with whilst also being pretty stable. A Great board if your a novice at the stage where you're thinking about going shorter.”

Nadia, 9 Sep. Review is from Fourth Chilli Bean (Black). Translate.
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The Chilli Bean is built for any surfer who understands that if you're not afraid of slightly more foam you can go shorter than you'd imagined possible.

This board is designed to absolutely maximize the fun to be had in average, everyday surf by catching almost as many waves as a longboard, gliding over the flat sections and ridden short being super responsive under the feet.

Fourth have used traditional polyurethane cores and polyester resin for the most responsive flex possible.

With it's curvaceous outline, rounded pin tail and flat rocker the Chilli Bean loves to cruise, carve and particularly set-up as a quad will fly down the line with just a little encouragement...

 The perfect board for... 
It's a blast for the experienced surfer ridden up to 8 inches shorter than your normal board and making something of waves you'd otherwise not bother with - alternatively it's a fantastic board for intermediate surfers looking to step straight from a first board to something short, manoeuvrable and responsive.

Dimensions & Fin set-up:

Length Width Thickness Volume/litres Fins
5ft9 20 1/2" 2 1/2" 32 Futures x 5
6ft0 21" 2 5/8" 36 Futures x 5
6ft3 21 1/2" 2.3/4" 38 Futures x 5
6ft6 22" 2 7/8" 43 Futures x 5
6ft9 22 3/8" 2 7/8" 49 Futures x 5

The five fins allow you to use the board as a thruster with the three larger fins or as a quad using the side fins from the larger set at the front and the smaller fins as the rear fins.


Standard Poly construction, 2 layers of 4 oz cloth on the deck, one on the bottom.

  • I've been using a 7,2 mini mal for few years and looking to get new board, I'm 11st, 5 ft 11, only get to surf 2 times a week so my padding power ain't best would it be best to go 6,9. Thanks

    Hi, i think this would be a good option, as you are quite small the 6'6 would probably work aswell and you would be able to start learning to duckdive. it really depend on what you want to achieve from the new board, the 6'6 will definetly be more of a challange at the start but in the long run will help you progress more, the 6'9 you will be able to jump on straight away but if you carry on surfing that much you may soon out grow?

  • hi, is it possible to come into store and see the different sizes?

    yes, no problem at all

  • I have a very minor ding/fracture on my board. What would you recommend is a good repar kit for this board?

    If it's a minor ding we'd recommend some solacure resin, this Solarez polyester ding repair tube is a popular choice:

  • Do you deliver in Italy? If so, is there any additional cost beside the purchase one?

    Yes, we deliver to Italy, it costs £45 and takes 3-5 days.

  • As I live near Kingsbridge and I am leaving Devon in the next couple of days would I be able to place an order and collect the board in store? Thanks again

    That is fine

  • what size/type of tailpad would fit this board best

    Ant three piece would work fine

  • before my order of "Fourth Chilli Bean (Black) / 6 ft 3", i want to know if it's with fcs or Futures, fins. Thanks to answer quickly because last question before my the order of supply.

    The Fourth Chilli Bean (Black) is now supplied with Futures fin plugs and fins.

  • does this board come with fins? or would you have to buy them separately

    Yes, five fins are supplied with the Chilli Bean board.

  • How long is the delivery time to germany?

    Delivery for surfboards to Germany takes 3-5 days depending on the location within Germany.

  • Hi, do you have a 6' 9" in stock?

    Yes, the 6'9" is in stock now:

  • Hi, any news on when you'll have the 5'9" in stock?

    we have a delivery coming on 8/4/14 so would hope for one to be on there

  • Do you ship to Portugal? If not, do you know if anyone stocks your boards here - I live just south of Peniche.

    We do ship boards to Portugal, it costs £45, you can place the order as usual through the website.

  • Any suggestions for good travel bags for this board?

    We'd suggest a funboard or fish style bag with 10mm padding, we have a selection available here:

  • does the chili bean comes with fins included,and if it does wich fins come with it, quad or truster set up.

    Yes, the Chilli Bean comes with a set of three FCS M5 fins and a two FCS GX fins, you can use the board as a thruster with the M5 set or a quad using the M5 side fins and the GX as the rear fins.

  • Already have one chilli bean in foam. Do you also have it tuflite or similar for travel?

    The Chilli Bean is only available in the Poly construction.

  • Hello: Does the Fourth Chili Bean board have a concave bottom?

    The Fourth Chilli Bean has a single to double concave bottom

  • Hi. whats the delivery time to Ireland on this board in the 6ft 3'. Thanks

    It will be a 3-5 day service.

  • Does the Fourth Chilli-Bean come with FCS fins?

    Yes all Fourth surfboards come with FCS fins

  • Hi, I'm just wondering about what sort of length i'd need to drop down to on this board. I currently ride a 6'6" x 20 1/2 x 2 5/8 fish. I know it says 8 inches shorter than your normal board, but as i'm 14 stone i'm worried that there wouldn't be enough volume. Cheers, Stuart

    Stuart these 'go eight inches shorter' guidelines are based on the assumption you're riding a 'standard' shortboard - which less and less surfers are. Your board is definitely not, it's wider and thicker and you're right that eight inches shorter than this will be a challenge depending on your ability. The 6'6 Chilli will be more buoyant than your fish, the 6'3 a little less I'd imagine without seeing it. So the question is more about your ability and whether you want to push yourself onto a smaller board. If you want the equivalent to your fish with just a bit more challenge go 6'3, to push a little further go 6'0 - certainly the 6'0 has plenty of foam for your 14 stone depending on your level of surfing.

  • Is possible with futures fins?

    This board is currently only available with FCS Fin plugs

  • Any ideas on how much weight the 5'6" and 5'9" can take?

    We're always really nervous of these guides that suggest a particular weight for a particular board - it has so much to do with ability and preference as well as the sort of waves you're riding. I'm 13 stone and the 5'9 has a lot of floatation compared to my normal shortboard so I would lean towards the 5'6 unless I wanted something for the really slack days - I really think you can go 6-8 inches shorter on this model than your 'standard shortboard' if you're a confident surfer. When it comes to the difficult final decision over size please do give us a call or drop us an email with some idea of what you're riding at moment and your ability and we'll be able to help a lot more to get it perfect for you. If you look at the top of the page next to the dimensions you can also see the volume of each board which might be useful if you do know the volume of your current board.

  • This board is mint! So happy with it :)) Have been out a couple of times in semi-decent conditions and it is exactly what I want right now. I have it set up as a Quad and it flies, with the bit of volume giving you a real headstart out of the blocks. Love the simple graphics! The amount of attention this board got from other surfers this weekend was cracked. Show-stopper! Love itttt!

    , 27 Sep 09. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Got my chilli bean a few weeks ago, first impressions, really nice board, slightly more wide towards the front than it looks in the picture here, bit of a retro fishy nose if that makes sense! From what I can tell the shaping, glassing, plug placement etc all seem to be of really high quality and my bean came with a black outline instead of the blue shown here, I love the look of it. Have only had the opportunity to use it in beyond slop conditions so far, but forecast are good for the next while so will hopefully get to try her out properly. From the use I have gotten out of it, it paddles and floats me (11 stone) real easy and picks up waves hella easy. Was bought for those days when my 6'6 hooded villian would be just too much work to catch waves on and it seems perfect for the job. Its a fast board, guess its all the volume under your front foot but it can race around crumbling sections, think this will really help my backside surfing where I've a bad habbit of losing all speed and stalling on my other board.Definitely a great intermediates board or fantastic fun board for the smaller sloppier days. Turns are a different kettle of fish to standard thrusters, hard to get used to all the volume at first but it lends itself to nice carves and since I'm pretty intermediate in my abilities I think it'll be an easy board to progress on. Can't wait to try out the quad set-up. Shipping to Ireland was fast and no hassles and board was really well packed, also I'd a query about the board before i purchased and the guys in the shop emailed me back within an hour which was fantastic.all in all highly recommended.boom.

    , 16 Oct 09. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Such a fun board to ride even in well overhead waves especially with the quad set up.

    , 3 Nov 09. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Without a doubt the best board ive had in years. It not only rides well in the mushy/average waves we get but also impresses in good clean meaty swell. 10/10 for versatility. Rode this board in 2ft crossshore beach waves and 6ft reef breaks and its amazing, stable, responsive, floaty, loose and super fast as a quad. 'Fourth' have got this board perfect in my opinion. The glass job and finish on it are brilliant with simple graphics looks brilliant. Im not using any other boards right now cos i dont have to. Wish i'd just bought this sooner and im totally convertered to the quad. 10/10

    , 3 Nov 09. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Have been out on this board now a few times and each time I have grown in confidence. I have moved down from a minimal and would definitely reccomend this board to anyone else who is moving down.

    , 22 Nov 09. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Awesome board. I am 12-13 stone and 5'9''. I have just come down from a 7'2'', took a few sessions to get used to the shortness but am now loving it. Very manouverable, great paddling in and really easy to develop on. Will go shorter again in time.

    , 12 Mar 10. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • No chance to use it yet! Ruptured my ACL skiing so no surfing for a while - gutted!

    , 13 Mar 10. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • The Chilli bean is a great board. I've tested this board in French beachbreak from 2ft to 6ft overhead. Worked well in both conditions. Easy take-off, flies like a jet and turns great!

    , 14 Apr 10. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Having only ever hired boards and been surfing a 7'2 NSP it felt like a massive gamble buying the 6'6 Chilli Bean but the gamble has definately paid off. It is easier to paddle (I'm 5'8 and 11 and half stone), easier to get out through the waves and once up the ride is amazing! The only thing i've found is that getting up needs to be that little bit quicker but I'd definately recommedn it for someone coming down from a smaller mini mal.

    , 16 Jun 10. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • awesome

    , 16 Jun 10. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • this board is without a doubt the best board ive ridden. ive taken this out twice in very mediocre 2ft waves, that i wouldnt normally bother with, and came out feeling ive just surfed 4ft perfection! it paddles and catches waves like a longboard, it is incredibly fast with the quad set up and races round flat sections especially on my backside. very responsive on the front foot and just damn good fun to ride! cant wait to take it out in better surf! 10/10.

    , 19 Jun 10. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • brilliant board, fast off the bottom, versatile, quick, what a shape. But... there are blue shades appearing on the bottom of my board accross the middle. Should i be worried...? Glassing seems alright, but have you guys had any other complaints about this. If you want i can send you pictures.

    , 29 Jun 10. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Catches waves really easilly for such a small board (I got the 5'6"). Set up as a quad I found that I could beat sections that I wouldn't have on my normal shortboard. I found it a bit unstable when overhead with the quad setup however when I changed it to a thruster it went really well. It has completely changed my perception of my normal 6'3" shortboard!

    , 4 Jul 10. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • I'm very very pleased with this board. I ordered the 6ft6 as a step down from my 7ft6 mini mal and have had great fun with it so far. It's easy to paddle and catch waves with whilst also being pretty stable. A Great board if your a novice at the stage where you're thinking about going shorter.

    , 9 Sep 10. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • let me start by saying it has taken no1 spot in my quiver!its brilliant bought the 5/6 goes like a dream ,picks up speed super fast ,shoots thru flat sections !a few weeks before i bought a lost rocket and was seriously dissapointed especially after all the hype !but the chilli bean lives up to the hype and still has some more to give !love it !

    , 11 Jan 11. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • It's a beautiful board. I am dying to get in the water and try it out.

    , 15 Jan 11. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • To much volume for me so returned it for the 5ft6 with no problems!

    , 17 Jan 11. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Haven't had a chance to use it yet as waves not great in Sheffield :( Was amazed when i ordered it in the afternoon and it arrived the next morning... good effort!! Can't wait to use it. Thanks

    , 7 Feb 11. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • i orderd the 6'0" foot by accident rang up 2 days after ordering and changed my order with no problems at bad. as for the board had to wait 3 weeks to get out in the water caught loads was a little apprehensive on dropping down from 7" to 6'6" but went off without a hitch easy get out easy paddle and a very stedy ride....bring it on! great buy

    , 16 Mar 11. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Love it !

    , 17 Mar 11. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Great board, even more float than I was expecting but I can see my wave count going through the roof as a result. Paddles really easy and fast down the line. Can see this quick becoming my go to board for most conditions.

    , 24 Mar 11. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • haven't managed to break it yet .....must try harder

    , 28 Mar 11. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • looks great!! not tried yet

    , 28 Apr 11. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • great board to drop down to from a long board was worried i went too short from a 7.2 to a 6.3 no hassle at all with the drop down awesome board

    , 27 May 11. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Stepped down from a 7" was abit worried but so easy to surf it's like surfing a mal fast paddling speed and you can get in to waves really early! Has a lot of volume very wide felt like I could of gone down to a 6"3 I have only tried from 2 to 4 foot easy to catch small waves but haven't tried it any decent size surf yet!

    , 3 Jun 11. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • I normally ride a 9'1" but bought this to go travelling with (size is within BA's carry restrictions). It paddles like a dream and rides like a magic carpet. It genuinely does allow you to go from long board to short board in a few days! A really great board.

    , 5 Jun 11. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Its absolutely fantastic! cant wait to get out on it again.

    , 15 Jun 11. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • I have not used it yet but will next week

    , 18 Jun 11. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • I went from a 8" long board to a 6,6" chilli bean with no problem this board rides every wave you throw at it

    , 14 Jul 11. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • excellent service, very professional. My board arrived in 4 days, very well wrapped and packed. i would recommend it to my mates. Thanks guys.

    , 18 Jul 11. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • This board is amazing, I could go on for ages about how great it is but I won't. Just get one and see for yourself, so much buoyancy and well easy 2 ride but super responsive at the same time. Just buy one

    , 9 Aug 11. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • great board really great with teh four fin setup - so quick picks up waves lovely , responsive and @ my grand old age of 41 its been a refreshing purchase

    , 11 Oct 11. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Great board catches wave early and has great speed down the line

    , 26 Oct 11. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • First had the 6'6" but it came in with damage and had none left in stock, so they wanted to pay the repair but i got a 6'9" instead and it is a super fun board! thanks so much for the customers service magicseaweed you guys rock!

    , 30 Nov 11. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • The board is great!!! Unfortunately it arrived with a little ding at the nose (I guess a transport damage although it was properly wrapped and protected.) But I was too lazy to send it back so I repared it quickly myself.

    , 5 Dec 11. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • The board arrived with some damage and was not finished to my expectations. I have not ridden it yet.

    , 10 Jan 12. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • A great board coming down from a mal, quite a lot more foam than looks in the pictures, I could have gone down a size, but still a great board. Riding it as a quad, fits in van and car so always ready to get out.

    , 26 Apr 12. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • fun board would maybe just buy an escape board next time as the forth board seems quite brittle.

    , 14 Jun 12. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • This is an absolute beauty. I have been surfing on both minimals and shortboards. The chilli is something in between. It has the agility of a shortboard with the buoyancy of a minimal. Really easy to get waves on this, take off and glide. I'm sure you can throw in a few thrashers but I'm not for that...Ah! And it works equally well on east and west coasts ;) go buy one.

    , 20 Jun 12. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Really pleased with this board. Should have gone for it long ago. Now progressing much quicker in the water, awesome!!

    , 30 Jun 12. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • This board rocks! First time I used it was in 2 foot set up as a Thruster and it was OK but the next time I went out I changed the fin set up to a quad after advice from a mate and it came alive. He told me have it set as a Thruster in 6ft plus surf which is what I have done since and I now love this board.

    , 2 Jul 12. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Lovely board! Only been surfing a year on an 8ft Mal, bought the 6'9" Chilli and wished that I'd started on it a year ago. Superb fun ride in all conditions, quick and responsive. Possibly should have gone shorter, but no regrets at all.

    , 7 Sep 12. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • really fun board great in alot of conditions, especially when its small. Great service from magicseaweed aswell!!

    , 19 Oct 12. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Could probably have gone a size shorter than 6,3 but the learning curve would be steeper. Big guy and loving the board. Dropped in on a guy and got his fins through my board the other day though. Huge ding repair needed:(

    , 24 Oct 12. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Super happy with this board. Ordered the 6'6 and it absolutely rips. Surfed it from kneehigh dutch slop to headhigh walls. Very easy to catch waves and really easy to turn. Absolutely flies in bigger waves. Think I set a speedrecord yesterday. Looks really nice and I like the Fourth branded FCS fins. Love it like a fat kid love pie!

    , 25 May 13. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Bit of a step down from a beginner board for me. However, if half the battle is catching waves, then I'm halfway closer to surfing how I want! This baby catches waves so easily. Had it out in 2-5ft and caught plenty... Just need to get used to the difference in balance and responsiveness and I'll be flying down the line in no time. The Chilli Bean is great, I'm the weak link!

    , 28 Jul 13. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Love this board...originally had the 6'9" and have now downsized to the 6'0...a great all round has really helped me progress and I finally have a board that fits in my car!!

    , 25 Sep 13. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • perfekt board to step down from a big one!

    , 19 Oct 13. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Love this board! Awesome step down from a mini mal. Set it up as a quad and it literally flies! Looks great too, lots of people noticed it and were asking questions. Happiest purchase of the year for me for sure!

    , 1 Jan 14. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Got the 6'3 as a step down from my 7'10 mini mal. Great surfboard, plenty of buoyancy, easy to catch waves and flies once your on them, even on 3ft sloppy beachies.

    , 15 Jan 14. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Got a lot of help for MSW on what board to choose and what size and so on. That really meant a lot in finding the right board. Delivery across Europe was super fast and I'm stoked to have this new stick added to my quiver.

    , 20 Mar 14. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Great customer service from these guys, they helped me out with a problem had with payment by letting me pay half in vouchers and the other using a debit card, so yeah that was a plus. Aside from that it arrived to Bilbao from England in two or three days, with only a slight pressure ding on the bottom, hardly worth worrying about. Performance wise the board is so much fun, I was a little worried about it being so short 5, 9, I am 6ft but to be fair it has been so easy to make the transion and so much fun, I definatly recommend this board.

    , 8 Apr 14. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • I'm 5ft 10" 12st 2lbs, I regard myself as intermediate level and went for the 6ft 6" after taking advice from a very helpful chap at MSW. Coming from a rather tired 7ft 3" Bic mini mal this is a totally different ball game. The board looks absolutely awesome, it's a great looking board. I've found that it struggles in small messy conditions although this might just be down to me as much as the board. Anything over 3ft and clean and it comes alive, really fast board, light, very responsive. I'm not really good enough or experienced enough to give a really in depth review but from a intermediate surfer who's looking for a step up from a mini mal I'd say go for one of these, I absolutely love it.

    , 15 Apr 14. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Why did they put the paint on the outside of the board so it looks scruffy after a few sessions ... I love the Chilli Bean surf like a dream BUT shame about the paint job

    , 24 Apr 14. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Super fast delivery! Board in perfect condition! Me happy!!!

    , 4 Jun 14. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • A great board -I've got the 6'3" (My normal shortboard is 6'5"). I've been using a friend's 6'10" fat boy flyer (Fish tail) for a while or a 6"10" magic carpet (I'm not a fan of single fins :( ) and wanted something a bit more manoeuvrable. This board catches works well in everything except the tiniest slop (I live in the North east). It is super fast and I find that I can make sections I never could on other boards plus get up and get riding quickly. Very pleased with it, it's my go-to board now for anything but bigger, cleaner surf.

    , 8 Aug 14. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Great service and love the board stepped down from a 7'2" carpet the 6'3" is perfect. Thanks to everyone else who reviewed it to help make a choice.

    , 26 Sep 14. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • my first board.. i've always borrowed from friends or rented it the past.. went for a 6'6'' nice shape and handles well... love it!! cheers

    , 1 Oct 14. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • sweet!

    , 22 Oct 14. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Perfect Board for a wide range of conditions. Minor problem with one of the fin slots as it's an unusual tight squeeze and after two surfs there are clear pressure dings around the fin. Will get it looked at at Triocean but it's nothing major!

    , 13 Dec 14. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • I bought a 6'3" Chilli Bean (38 litres) as I've been re-learning to surf again over the last 18 months at the age of 40 years old. I weigh 78kg and am 6'0" tall. i used to be able to surf 20 years ago at University or so i thought... ! I am also an experienced snowboarder with 50 weeks on snow. Anyway i wanted a board that would primarily suit the inconsistent waves of the South Coast / English Channel and also be ridable on the smaller cleaner days when travelling further afield. I figured i would probably sell it on after a year of progressing or if i didn't like it, and that the future resale opportunities would be good, as this appears to be a popular / desirable board for beginners and intermediates. I visited the Magicseaweed store at KIngsbridge in person as they had a few shapes in stock that i wanted to look at and also take some advice. I also considered the 6'2" Fourth Hartichoke 38 litres, and the 6'2" Fourth Doofer 33.4 litres... I have since ridden the Chilli Bean at Bournemouth Pier, Kimmeridge and through out the West Country. I have travelled abroad and scored weeks of quality waves at a knee high to head high sand bottomed point break in India. I have ridden it as a quad and as a tri and i love it! I wish i had bought a shape like this back in 1992, instead of doing a KS and going for a carbon stringered rockered out nail file 6'3" x 18.25" x 2.25". I would have caught 1000s more waves in my lifetime! I can say with 38 litres of volume it paddles very very well. I can catch almost as many waves as a minimal. The result is i have been dropped in on a lot more times as i seem to be able to catch the waves a lot earlier... Either surfing etiquette has gone out the window or other surfers do NOT expect me to be up on my feet so quickly. All in all my wave count has increased dramatically, my stoke levels are at an all tine high and my energy effort expenditure decreased. I seem to catch everything i paddle for :-D The board is wide. I first noticed that a lot as i straddled it and it sat very high in the water. Buoyancy is good. The wide point is a bit further forward than i have been used to in the past. As a result i have learned to surf more off the front foot and with a slightly wider stance. The board planes incredibly well and it is very easy to gain speed and trim down the line and also bottom turn in the flats to get past wide crumbly sections. My surfing has progressed so much over the last year thanks to this board. I prefer to ride it as a tri fin set up. i found the quad was a little sketchy and squirely when pushing the rail on frontside bottom turns, but in both guises this board is fast and manoeuvrable and quite loose as a quad. While surfing in India last month, i had many other surfers ask me and try out my board as they were impressed by my easy take offs and wave count on the 1ft-3ft lefts. The board also looks "nice" with the black rail decor, It IS a really nice looking shape in the flesh and very pleasing on the eye. I had several offers asking if i was looking to sell, which i wasn't! Safe to say this is now a permanent fixture of my quiver. My most recent surf on the Chilli Bean was the clean 2-3ft day at Bournemouth on Friday 15th January 2015 where i shared the line up with 35 other surfers on the West side of the pier. I was very happy in that i caught a lot of waves. Predominately the hollow right hander back towards the pier. I love riding this board backside. It was a breeze to get to my feet fast and then cruise in and navigate through the pack on the inside as the wave steepened to adopt the pigdog stance and tuck into the fast peeling and hollow shorey cover ups. This was as close as i have ever been to getting barrelled at Bournemouth lol. Yeeeeeeeew, it was superplaygroundfun day on the South coast thanks to the Fourth Chilli Bean. Overall the product description by MSW is accurate. I feel in hind sight that i could have stepped down to the 6'0", but as i enter middle age and my waist line grows i think i will still be happy in 10 years time with my purchase. This board taught me to surf "proper". I give it 5 stars, highly recommended. My rail work and bottom turns are stronger, and my style of surfing is much smoother and more patient in approach. Nice clean drawn out turns, no more chop hopping, bouncing and tic-tac-ing trying to stay with the wave. Boys and girls i hope this board brings you as much pleasure as it has to me in the last 18 months. Keep surfing !

    , 20 Jan 15. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Got this today. Just been out in Croyde tonight. Most fun i've ever had on a surf board. Really recommended. Thanks :)

    , 8 Apr 15. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).
  • Love it. Catches waves easily and has improved my surfing as a result. Makes smaller waves fun and doesn't hold me back on the bigger stuff. Perfect board for uk conditions.

    , 20 Aug 15. Review is for Fourth Chilli Bean (Black).

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