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Channel Islands

Channel Islands Fish Surfboard - White


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Product Details

Item 322611

  • Channel Islands Fish Surfboard
  • Construction: PU
  • Concave: Single to double concave through the fans
  • Rocker: Relaxed entry and exit rocker
  • Fin systems: Twin fin with Futures boxes
  • Nose: Hybrid
  • Tail: Swallow
  • Rider ability: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Suitable conditions: 2ft to 5ft

The CI Fish is the 3rd iteration from Channel Islands of the Fish shape, it will deliver in smaller conditions and shine in head high pointbreaks. CI have used a modern twin-keel design that takes elements from the Skinny Fish and more recently, the MINI model. The team set out to achieve the goal of keeping the speed, fun and forgiveness of a fish without sacrificing its performance. They've delivered in spades!

Containing all the elements you normally associate with a fish, a wider nose, an extensive swallow tail and very relaxed rocker throughout the board. You're going to be able to surf this anywhere between 2-6 ft and ideally you will enjoy surfing fast and have a pointbreak nearby.

As mentioned, its been set up as a twin with Futures boxes, you should ride this Fish with Keel Fins to maximise the performance you can get out of the board. Select a board 4-6 inches below your height as the volume really is packed into this board, you will be catching a lot of waves on the new CI Fish.


HeightWidthThicknessVolume (Ltr)
5'6"202 3/1628.3L
5'8"20 1/22 5/1631.6L
5'10"212 7/1635.1L
6'0"21 1/42 1/237.3L