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Channel Islands

Channel Islands Average Joe FCSII 5 Fin Surfboard - White


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Item 294063

  • Channel Islands Average Joe FCSII 5 Fin Surfboard - White
  • Construction: PU
  • Concave: Light single entry before deepening vee through the board
  • Rocker: Relaxed entry and exit
  • Fin Systems: 5 fin step and FCSII fin boxes
  • Nose: Hybrid
  • Tail: Squash
  • Rider ability: Novice to Intermediate
  • Suitable Conditions: 1ft to 5ft

The Channel Islands Average Joe Surfboard is probably the most accessible all round 'shortboard' on the market today. Similar in concept to boards like the Lost Bottom Feeder or the JS Pier Pony, the Average Joe takes the concept of super wide high-volume boards back a little further towards typical shortboard performance. The width and thickness means absolutely maximum stability and wave count - perfect as a groveller in the smallest, weakest surf but also for the surfer transitioning from a longer board to a first short board. However, unlike many of its competitors it's rediscovered rocker and a narrower tail. This means it'll be less quirky in better waves and turn off the back foot a lot more like a performance shortboard.


HeightWidthThicknessVolume (Ltr)
5'721 7/82 5/836.5L
5'922 1/8 2 3/439.8L
5'1122 3/82 7/843.3L
6'122 7/8347.5L