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Fourth Surfboards

Fourth Surfboards Reload FCSII 5 Fin Surfboard - Blue/ Black Dip

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Item 249978

  • Tail Thumb.
  • Template Shortboard with more volume pumped in to make the most of smaller conditions.
  • Rider ability: Intermediate to Pro
  • Fin system: FCSII (Not included)
  • Traditional polyester construction 2 x 4 Oz glass on the deck, 1 x 4oz glass on the bottom

Overview:This design is kept simple. The volume is the starting point of the design; we needed as much as possible in an easy to move, flowing surfboard. The Chilli Bean's naughty little brother is ready for some trouble!

Tech concept: The great outline template of the Chilli Bean means you can have a load of volume but can still surf the board off of the tail in smaller waves. The rockers have been raised to offer a bit more hold and mobility when the board gets its speed up, something that comes as a given when riding a plan shape like this at high volume. In a nutshell this means it's very easy to catch the wave, and very easy to get instant speed. Now with the increased rockers we feel this board has more control than anything else out there with similar volume.

The concaves are a double through the fins and centre of the board with a light single running throughout. This gives lift and drive, helping with that instant speed. The rail shape is brought down to a 60/40 performance shape, with a little boxiness to keep the board high in the water coupled with a slight decrease in foam through the tail area of the rail to ensure bite when back foot surfing.

The nose shape and lifted rockers help this board to be really fruity off of the top without bogging rail, so anyone looking to perfect their top turn without compromising wave count is going to have a blast on this thing. The five fin option is always going to add another dimension to a board. Primarily designed as a quad, this model is a great cruiser as well as a mover. Think of it as the BMW M5 of the surfboard world. If longboards and mini-mals aren't your thing, but you don't want to lower your wave count, then get on the Reload. It's just that easy.

Who should ride this board?: The surfer who wants foam but doesn't want to over compensate by going for a massive board. Anyone who wants to improve their performance game and keep a high wave count is going to love the Reload, regardless of ability levels.

How the team ride this board: The Reload has been a popular board with factory and shop staff. Luke Hart is 80kg and 5'10", with an average surfing ability. He has been riding the 5'10" in anything up to just over head, using the board predominantly as a thruster with large FCSII Carver fins. The board also works great as a quad if you want to increase speed.

Fins Not Included


Height Width Thickness Volume (Ltr)
5'6 20 1/4" 2 7/16" 29.7
5'8 20 1/2" 2 1/2" 31.9
5'10 20 3/4" 2 9/16" 34.2
6'0 21" 2 5/8" 36.5
6'2 21 1/4" 2 11/16" 38.9
6'4 21 5/8" 2 3/4" 41.6