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Fourth Surfboards

Fourth Doofer EPS FCSII 5 Fin Surfboard - White

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Item 249971

  • ESE Super Fused Epoxy Construction See below for more details
  • Fin system: FCSII (Not included)
  • Rider ability: Intermediate to Pro
  • Template The perfect all rounder, an out and out shortboard tail for performance surfing with a more relaxed, hybrid nose for ease of paddling and wave catching.
  • Tail Rounded pin.

Tech concept: The Doofer is anything you want it to be. From mush to solid waves it is the ultimate all-rounder when you want to catch as many waves as possible and have a bunch of fun. We have tested this board at one foot Fistral all the way to 6ft Thurso and it really is a one board quiver! A great paddler, fast, easy to turn and holds a lovely line in the barrel. It's one of our favorite boards to take away.

The outline is that of a Stoker nose and a shortboard back end pulled into a round pin. The wide point is pushed right up the board to increase the rail line which gives you the feel of a shortboard when you have your back foot on the tail pad, and the nose is nice and wide which is great for paddling into waves easily. The rocker is fairly unique on the Doofer, it has a medium tail kick which is fairly curvy, into a drawn out entry rocker; providing you with the best of both worlds when it comes to hold, pocket surfing and speed.

ESE Technology: We are using 'Superfused EPS Foam' from US Blanks. It has a tighter fusion and cell structure due to the moulding process of the blank, this means the blank takes less resin and offers a tighter flex pattern than the standard EPS blanks available on the market. If you weren't already aware, standard EPS foam has a tighter flex than standard construction boards, so Superfused blanks are a massive step up in that respect. These blanks are around 25% lighter than standard blanks, so with the added flex properties you can see where the added performance comes from when riding the board.

Resin Research Epoxy: When the board is laminated it happens in a heat controlled environment using 'resin research' epoxy resin.'Resin research' epoxy is ground breaking stuff, not only is it over 40% bio content it is also the strongest, lightest and brightest epoxy on the market. It isn't just safer to use and better for the environment, it is also the best performing resin we could get our hands on. Given the characteristics of the foam and the resin, this surfboard as a product uses less resin per foot than standard construction surfboards, meaning the weight is further reduced. It all plays a part in why this construction method is so special.

Hexel S-Glass: Hexel S-glass fibre glass is used to laminate the board along with the epoxy resin. S-glass is pound for pound the strongest woven 4oz cloth available on the market. Offering up to 4x more tensile strength than other available cloths on the market. As standard we apply two layers of s-glass to each side of the board. The strength to weight ratio really is amazing, all the while gaining flex recoil instead of having a stiff, non flexing, pop out feel like some EPS epoxy sandwich construction surfboards have.

The Finish: Once the board has been in the hot box, we apply a 100% sand finish to the board which we believe is the strongest and lightest method to finish a surfboard. This finishing process is standard on all of our boards and is a testament to our factory staff that they can use this finish on our epoxy boards as well. Flatter sanding, sharper edges and resin gloss give these boards the Ferrari finish they deserve.

Finally the board is heated in a hot box over night at 35 degrees, this ensures curing times are sped up during the first 72 hours of the board's life. Heat is a really important factor when using epoxy resins, the right temperatures must be maintained in order to exploit the epoxies characteristics.

Who should surf this board?:
If you can only have one board in your quiver then the Doofer is for you. Inspiring confidence in bigger surf and wave count in smaller surf, the Doofer is the ultimate all rounder. Ride the Doofer with slightly more volume than your go to shortboard.

How do the team ride this board?:
Fourth Surfboards head shaper Luke Hart is an average surfer with average ability, he is 80kg and 5'10" and rides the stock 6'0" Doofer as his go to board. Tom butler is 6'2 1/2", 82kg and rides the Doofer 6'1" with the same volume as the stock 6'0". FCSII Carver template fins in thruster or quad work really well in the better surf and FCSII Accelerators in smaller waves seem to be popular choice amongst the team.

Fins Not Included


Height Width Thickness Volume (Ltr)
5'10 19 1/2" 2 7/16" 30.3
6'0 19 3/4" 2 1/2" 32.5
6'2 20.0" 2 9/16" 34.6