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Hangair Wetsuit Hanger - Black

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  • Description

    Gone are the days of forcing yourself into a cold, wet, "funky" smelling wetsuit, drysuit, motorcycle leathers, or any other one-piece suit. Simply hang them up and watch then dry in a fraction of the time.

    Enjoy your suit more and extend your gear's life.

    • Reduces wetsuit drying time by up to 70%
    • Helps eliminate odour
    • No more wetsuit funk.
    Please note: The Hangair is supplied with a UK power adapter, it has a standard figure of 8 style socket on the cable for attaching a different plug.

  • Buyers Guide

  • Reviews

    • lee cursons, 24 Oct 2008 worth a purchase! helps dry your suit for those next day surf sessions!works really well and better than a damp suit!!!
    • Gina S, 24 Oct 2008 Quite slow to dry wetsuits but helps a bit, good to leave on overnight on low setting for summer suits at the moment.
    • Gillian Tracey-Ann Horsley, 26 Oct 2008 Isn\'t as efficient as id hoped especially for the noise.
    • Ian & Sarah Savage, 31 Oct 2008 This is the second one we have!!! We both have dry suits in the morning.....ACE!!!
    • henrik brenna, 05 Nov 2008 the electricity plug doesnt fit in norway, so i hve to buy a transformator. I shuld be able to pick plug, or you should send rigth plug to rigth country. if the manufacturer delivers with different plugs.
    • Adam Teal, 21 Nov 2008 Maybe battery operated for camper vans would be good when no electric. Also, invent a heated one???
    • Mike H, 21 Nov 2008 It works! Hang you wettie in the shed and it is nearly dry for the morning dawnie. Be wary though as it is a little brittle.
    • Dominic Roadknight, 23 Nov 2008 dried two wet suits in a night, well worth it!!
    • Arnaud DEJEAN, 08 Jan 2009 GREAT !!!
    • Mrs Sarah Sharp, 08 Jan 2009 My husband was really impressed, he\'d only ever seen the battery operated ones and so didn\'t bother getting one.
    • Sarah Hedges, 08 Jan 2009 husband loved this!
    • Mrs M Holland, 08 Jan 2009 As above.
    • Jay , 08 Jan 2009 not used it yet
    • Jennifer Rowe, 08 Jan 2009 just what was wanted
    • Jeremy Pilcher, 08 Jan 2009 Plug is a bit big as it seems to eb an American version adapted for uk legal. Would like to see a 12v option for the van.
    • jon mandeville, 08 Jan 2009 its good but it takes at least 24hrs to dry a wetsuit in a cold garage.
    • R.M. de Roode, 09 Jan 2009 First impressed bij the size of the hanger but it really works!
    • Sophie Crumbley, 09 Jan 2009 the product i bought arrived late and broken even beyond repair.
    • helen richardson, 09 Jan 2009 No good for Mens small or ladies wetsuits. Great idea but it was huge and would have overstretched our suits. Perhaps you could put the size on the website so other people won\'t make the same mistake
    • Fiona Williams, 09 Jan 2009 Pressie for my husband - not used it yet (not been surfing for a while cos of illness).
    • mat granger, 10 Jan 2009 really works great product
    • chantelle mccook, 14 Jan 2009 ... and hes been raving about this too! ... and drying pretty much everything with it! :)
    • Ruth Davies, 15 Jan 2009 Husband very pleased with his Christmas present as he can now go surfing in a dry wetsuit!
    • Mrs Jennifer Pacey, 15 Jan 2009 My son says\"easier to do dawnies on cold mornings\"!
    • Higinio Marin Fernandez, 09 Feb 2009 I think the car adapter is essential for the hangair hanger. And I don\'t know if you have this. Thank you
    • Allan Norman, 10 Feb 2009 What can I say, it works!!
    • Jarno Kuipers, 23 Feb 2009 Wow, overnight a dry suit, really great!
    • Johan, 09 Mar 2009 Works very well. Strong and solid constuction, powerful fan. Should have some tubes to attach and put in shoes and gloves as well.
    • Lornski, 09 Mar 2009 works really well looks good
    • sammy orchard, 26 Mar 2009 best thing. no more stinky wet suits!
    • John Baxendale, 08 Jun 2009 My only comment would be! If the item is for the countries other than the UK, do you supply them with the plug adapter for the European areas???
    • will.c, 16 Jun 2009 really impressive machine dry my ebomb in about 7 hours really great and super quick delivery!
    • Alan Wilson, 25 Jun 2009 Does the job ,nice for the cold dawnie
    • Robert Radford, 07 Jul 2009 It's massive! It's like putting your wetsuit on american football body armour! My girlfriends wetsuit won't even fit onto it!
    • Alan Wilson, 04 Sep 2009 Works a treat
    • Marc A Hilton, 29 Sep 2009 What a product! I couldn't believe how quickly it dried my wettie out. Definitely buy this if you surf often & hate putting on damp suits.
    • geordiemark, 03 Nov 2009 Great piece of kit, been hanging suit indoors over a bucket to catch the inital drips and left the fan on low overnight. Nice dry suit in the morning - marvellous!!
    • Andrea Arnold, 26 Nov 2009 Can't say yet as it's a Christmas present for surfer son.
    • Steve lawrence, 08 Dec 2009 It look good but I haven't had the chance to try it yet.
    • Amelie Evans, 08 Dec 2009 I can't say as this is a present for someone who hasn't opened it yet
    • Susan Draper, 11 Dec 2009 Item delivered direct to my son-in-law. Most impressed with speed of delivery. Received within 3-working days. Would definately order from Magicseaweed again.
    • kd, 05 Jan 2010 was a gift, but them seemed very impressed( espesually as they would not have to get into a cold wet suit in the mornings!!)
    • David Priddis, 05 Jan 2010 Seams to work well
    • Gemlou, 05 Jan 2010 Really cool gadget!
    • mrs lyn merrien, 05 Jan 2010 excellent
    • Andy Webb, 05 Jan 2010 It performs very well and will dry my X Cell, X Zip wet suit within 24 hrs.
    • JANET EMILY INKSTER, 05 Jan 2010 Product was as expected. I think it would be improved if warm air was circulated
    • _ Katie, 05 Jan 2010 brilliant.... boyfriend thrilled
    • Benjamin Rowe, 07 Jan 2010 Hangair is very large but should fit most wetsuits. Strangely on the box it says they have been around since the '70's - if this is true how come we've only just heard of them and why haven't they made different sizes? food for thought...
    • Samuel J Clement, 08 Feb 2010 Despite the recommended 17hr or so drying time it has my wetsuit bone dry in about 5-6hrs! Awesome if you love the winter swells but hate pulling on a damp wetty!
    • MR J N WEBSTER, 15 Mar 2010 does the job well,only drawback is it is a bit noisy
    • Pleased buyer, 13 Apr 2010 For my son who was very pleased with it and said it only took 4 to 6 hours to dry his wet suit
    • Shrimp99, 11 Jan 2011 bought as a present. Recipient very pleased with it.
    • Sandro Webersberger, 12 Jan 2011 the thing is realy bulky if you wan't to take it in a suitcase
    • silver bodyboarder, 12 Jan 2011 Fantastic piece of kit.Does exactly what it says on the tin!!
    • George Kirov, 17 Jan 2011 Took about 7 hours to dry (in winter conditions), then about 12 to dry after being washed. Good job.
    • Mrs Dora Jones, 19 Jan 2011 Excellent product, would recommend to others.
    • Paul, 07 Feb 2011 A bit bulky for use with smaller suits but made a big difference to the drying time, but maybe a built in heater would help more.
    • Thomas M, 08 Feb 2011 havent tried yet, but liked the way you handle customer service, the adapter was missing on the product, you shipped a new one which im currently awaiting.
    • Sarah, 05 Mar 2011 Dries the wetsuit quicker than stated especially indoors where it's warmer, not as noisy as I imagined, great product for the keen surfer!!
    • Dominic Dixon, 26 Mar 2011 Quite loud, and power lead needs some jiggerypokery to line up properly, but once it's working it works well!
    • Sjaak Van Tunen, 22 Jun 2011 Should be good haven't tried it yet as I'm outsite the country
    • Thomas Delaney, 13 Jul 2011 Great gadget. Ive got a heft 6/5/4 billabong sg suit and it gets it 80% dry in 12 hours (still have wet tips) It needs 15 hrs to be 100%. I soak my suit in the bath before hanging. If I has access to fresh water at the beach I could rinse the suit then and it would defo cut drying time at home. Dries my 3/2 suit in about 5 hours. Would recommend buying especially for winter surfing as you cant hang your suit outside because of rain and frost etc.
    • B005T3R, 29 Jul 2011 Good shizzle!
    • Victoria Fraser, 29 Nov 2011 boyf loves it, does the job! only thing that would make it better would be if it blew warm air insted of cold, but he says thts just being greedy really...
    • vains2000, 08 Dec 2011 Top !
    • Jonathan allen, 06 Jan 2012 works great
    • Laura Goldspink, 06 Jan 2012 This has saved a lot of time! my partner was really pleased with it!!
    • Ian Aird, 09 Jan 2012 well made, takes a moment to start up, dries winter suits more quickly so stops other half moaning about wetsuits hanging in the shower all the time....worth it for that alone, great idea.
    • anzio, 08 Feb 2012 buono
    • Jacob Green, 29 May 2012 Fantastic product as wetsuit drys like a dream when i use it. The hook was a little fiddly and is slightly noisy but overall its a great product.
    • titchyboybach, 01 Jan 2013 It's fairly good but could do with a warm air function for these cold wet winter nights as i hang it in my outhouse.I've been surfing everyday since xmas and everymorning my wetsuit is more or less dry.
    • Jesse, 01 Feb 2013 Excellent
    • mark lewis, 24 Apr 2013 Bit bulkier than my old hanger.Does the job and dries out the legs and arms well,which seem to be the last areas to dry.
    • Mike Warne, 07 May 2013 Brilliant bit of kit
    • James, 21 May 2013 Excellent, it dries a soaking wet 5mm suit dry in a day with no stink!
    • Alberto Peschiulli, 27 Aug 2013 I don't like the English plug!
    • stephen courtney, 21 Oct 2013 Works really well. Great bit of kit
    • Ben Sawyer, 02 Jan 2014 Works really well, dries my winter suit over night which is ideal. Had a issue on xmas day as it has a 2 pin plug not a 3 pin so could not use until i could go out and by a converter.
    • Herve Lannou, 11 Jan 2014 Seche ma combinaison de surf mouillee en une nuit. Fait le travail demande
    • Debbie Bendon, 14 Jan 2014 Great service from store
    • KateBournemouth, 17 Jan 2014 Easy to order, delivered as expected (i.e. very quickly!) and a great product to boot!
    • colin mclean, 10 Feb 2014 dryed my winter wetsuit in my garage in less than 20 hours. great product
    • Paul W, 11 Feb 2014 Great product and great quality, bit of an excessive luxury but if you're in the water regularly then why not treat yourself. Is fairly noisy but then you don't normally dry your wetsuit anywhere that would bother you. Fan seems very powerful (too powerful), could possibly do with a low setting which might also reduce the noise problem.
    • Jane C, 06 Jan 2015 Seems to do the job but somewhat noisy!
  • Questions

    • does it blow hot air or cold? The hangair blows cold air.
    • how much power does the hangair use? just wondering if i could get it to work of my camper van leisure battery cheers bill Underwater Kinetics make a 12V car power adapter for the Hangair so there should be no problem running it from your camper van battery.
    • Can I buy the mains charger separately? Sorry, we don't sell the mains charger as a separate item.
    • Does it work 220v? Yes, it will work on 220V, there is a UK power plug supplied with it so you will need the relevant adapter to power the hanger.