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Modern Retro Surfboard - Blue

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Item 264776

Putting a contemporary twist into a classic shape, the retro draws inspiration from boards of the 60?s with some modern day secrets and techniques to bring an insanely fun board to life. Whether it?s a super stylish hang 5 or drawn out turn on the open face, the Retro can do it all.

The Retro has been designed with a classic full nose that makes paddling effortless and getting those toes to the nose easier than ever. The long 60/40 rails that run parallel through most of the board create a huge stable platform that?s perfect for getting crazy amounts of trim speed when going down the line and added control when walking the board. The board has been designed with a fairly flat rocker as most traditional longboards are as a flat rocker helps with overall speed of the board and glide. There is a slight flick through the tail as this helps to provide additional turning ability.

The concave features a long single concave through the nose adding lift which in turn keeps the nose up during a nose ride. This then transitions into a vee through the belly of the board and then the tail which helps to provide a smooth transition when surfing the board from rail to rail. The Modern Retro is then finished with a classic old school resin tint and rail laps.

Height Width Thickness Volume (Ltr)
9'1 23 1/2" 3 1/4" 78.5