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Northcore Single Soft Rack - Overhead


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Item 13164

A portable soft rack design solution for carrying surfboards on cars without roofracks.

Single soft roof racks feature:

  • Top of the range soft roof rack system designed for use on cars without roof racks or roof bars
  • Tough metal buckles and extra strong webbing
  • Holds from 1 up to 5 surfboards (depending on board size)
  • Neoprene sleeve keeps buckles from damaging car or board
  • Ultra-lightweight and compact ideal for travelling
  • Tough re-usable bag
  • 3.2m (approx) strap-fits most cars, including 4x4s
  • Individual roof pad dimensions 43cm x 13cm x 3cm


Creation date
17 Jul 2013
easy to use
Creation date
29 Aug 2013
Have worked well so far with 3 boards. Good tip about the twisting.As the clip is a bit stiff we slide the boards thru rather than having to tread the tape each time.
Eoin Lees,
Creation date
19 Nov 2013
Straps are a bit short on one end for multiple boards. not an issue if you are only carrying one or two on each side.
alex julien,
Creation date
28 Jan 2014
Tried it with my longboard. Doesn't feel save. Too much movement... For a shortboard it's very handy when travelling bij rented car
Stu McDonald,
Creation date
10 Sep 2014
Good solid trustworthy alternative to my old fcs ones. Held a three board coffin no probs at all. Recommend.


Hallo, knnten Sie mir Bitte die Packmae udn das Gewicht mitteilen? Vielen Dank und mit freundlichen Gren, Felix
The packet with the contents is 50cm x 27cm x 12cm and the weight is 915 grams.
can these be used on my vehicle which has a sun roof?
Yes, but i wouldn't recommend opening the sunroof when it is on the car.
Is this rack suitable for carrying 2 7ft 11" surfboards from the west midlands to Cornwall?
This should be OK but it maybe worth looking at a hard rack for extra piece of mind.
I have a 2 door micra (02) would the rack work? The rear windows do not open.
Yes, you can either put the rear rack through the boot or put both racks through the front door and spread them out. Give us a call if you need anymore advice 01548 854660.
To double check, is this Soft Rack a 'complete system'? I.E. does it contain straps for the boards as well as to affix the actual rack to the car? Cheers.
Yes, there is the strap to tie the rack to the car and the straps to tie the boards to the rack.
Hi iv a 7"6 mini mal in a bull dog bag which I want to take from Essex to Cornwall for a holiday, I drive a C4 Picasso are these straps good enough to secure my board to my car for that amount of time if not can you recommend a good roof rack system. Thanks Karl
Yes, they will be fine for this.
Hi, I have a 9ft 6 board and a landrover freelander 2, will this be suitable for driving to Cornwall from Surrey? Thanks!
Yes, you should have no problems.
Would this system be suitable for transporting 2 x 7'3" Mini Mals (about 20miles)? Thanks,Lindsay
Yes, you should have no problems at all.
I have two longboards 9ft2 and 10ft.Have a vw passat estate avd travel from plymouth to bantham/whitsands would this be okay to use?
Yes, this would be no problem. You may want to look at the double rack in case you need to put more boards on the roof at any time?