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Pyzel Ghost Futures 5 Fin Surfboard - White


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Item 278731

  • Construction: PU
  • Outline: Based off the Short Cut the Ghost has a more refined outline. Still keeping the wider point forward of the nose but keeping the nose down to allow the board to fit into a tighter curve
  • Concave: Single concave channeling into a double concave in the lower half giving you ultimate control and super snappy response
  • Rocker: Medium/ low rocker throughout the front for quick speed with a tonne of curve in the rear for perfect control and response
  • Rails: Thinner rails towards the tail to help turn at high speed and hold through barrels
  • Tail: Round pin tail
  • Fin setup: Futures 5 fin (fins not included)
  • Please note these boards cannot be purchased outside of the UK

The Ghost is the board that John John Florence rode to his second world title in 2017, remember that turn at Margaret River, the Bells Ollie Oop, this was the board under his feet. The Ghost is a proven high-performance board that has shown itself to be super versatile on a range of waves around the world.

Originally based off the Short Cut, the outline has been refined to keep the wide point forward of centre whilst keeping the nose area down and tail pulled in to help you fit into a tight pocket. The volume is also pushed forward to make it easy to get into waves, once you're up and running the thinned-out rails and tail will help you hold through critical manoeuvres.

The rocker is moderate through the nose to assist with wave entry and picks up quickly through the tail for turning control and responsiveness. A single concave runs through the board with a double section of concave through the tail, this means lift, speed and quick rail-to-rail transitions.

It's recommended to ride the board at your height, but if you're planning on surfing some sizeable waves you can surf this up to 8" above your height for step up requirements. It comes with Futures boxes and is set up as a 5-fin, giving you some options.

With JJF riding a variation of this model on tour, it really has been put through its paces at all of the best waves around the globe; if it's good enough for John John...


HeightWidthThicknessVolume (Ltr)
5'11"19 1/8"2 1/2"28.4
6'0"19 3/8"2 9/16"29.7
6'1"19 5/8"2 5/8"31.4
6'2"19 3/4"2 11/16"32.8
6'3"19 7/8"2 3/4"34.5
6'4"20"2 7/8"37.1