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Rip Curl

Rip Curl Flashbomb Plus 6/4mm 2018 Hood Zipperless Wetsuit - Black

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Item 277721

  • Men's Rip Curl wetsuit
  • Thickness: 6/4 mm
  • Neoprene: 100% E5 neoprene is the premium lightweight high stretch choice for unrivalled flexibility
  • Zipperless entry: Completely zip free for unrivalled flexibility and lightweight performance
  • Lining: The all new E5 Flash Lining is lighter and stretchier and covers 100% of the interior of the suit.
  • Seam construction: Triple glued and double blind stitched seams with 100% Aquaban liquid tape & E5 flash lining tape for 25% more stretch.
  • Ergonomic seam placement: Strategically placed seams maximise range of movement
  • 4-Way Stretch: Engineered to back for enhanced performance
  • Knee pads: S-Flex durable and flexible knee pads for unrestricted movement and protection
  • Hydro-Loc Collar: Adjustable collar to seal the neck and prevent water flushes
  • A liquid mesh panel to the chest and back uses technology exclusively designed by Rip Curl to be super stretchy, lightweight and to keep the core warmer for longer
  • Lock Slide Closure Design: Adjustable shock cord closure system in chest zip and zip free suits to prevent flushing
  • Drainage System: Three hole system allowing excess water to drain freely
  • Stash Pocket: Zipped pocket with key loop for security
  • Attached hood: The attached hood with cinch fastening and glide skin face seal adds superior warmth and protection to the and neck from cold water conditions. The stiff peak drains water away from the face.
  • Water Temp Guide: Suitable in 8C & below (46F & below)

The world's fastest-drying wetsuit, the Flashbomb incorporates all of the technical capabilities that you need to perform to your peak. Rip Curl have been creating top-class wetties since 1969, but this time they've blown the barriers wide open to give you the maximum in performance, comfort, and durability. The Flash Lining funnels water out via two engineered layers. This not only makes it the quickest drying linings on the market it but also one of the warmest.