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Rip Curl

Rip Curl Womens G-Bomb 5/3mm 2017 Zipperless Wetsuit - Blue

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Item 248750

  • Women's wetsuit
  • Thickness: 5/3mm
  • 100% E4 neoprene, the lightest, most flexible and warmest neoprene ever
  • Zip Free design that offers total freedom, combined with the 100% E4 allows easy entry and exit
  • Stress point Taped
  • Glued & Blindstitched
  • S-Flex Knees
  • Stash Pocket
  • Drainage System
  • Seamless Underarms & Shoulders
  • Lock Slide Design

Rip Curl's G-bomb series has always been their most flexible range and removing the zip gives you even more freedom of movement through the torso, ideal for easing paddling and performance surfing.

Being a super flexible summer wetsuit it has no polypro lining and the taping on the inside of the seams is limited to critical areas only, this ensures the neoprene can stretch as much as possible, we're also impressed with the lack of extra panels on the wetsuit, cutting down on seams makes the wetsuit more comfortable and flexible.

The E4 neoprene is manufactured with more air inside the neoprene foam, so the wetsuit is noticeably lighter than an equivalent wetsuit without E4 throughout, it is also warmer and more flexible, making it one of the best feeling wetsuits to wear that we've tried out.

The subtle colours are understated and stylish, we love the design on this wetsuit and if you're after a low-key summer wetsuit with cutting edge features, go for the G-Bomb Pro Zip Free.