SPT Lockable 5.4metre Rack Straps - Black

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    A serious piece of kit - two straps made of heavy duty nylon web with two stainless steel cables in each strap and heavy, rust-proof, lockable clasps with protective rubber housings.

    If you want to easily secure multiple boards to your roof rack this is probably the easiest way going (as easy as your standard straps anyway and much stronger).

    Of course no system will completely stop the most determined thieves but it'll certainly make your car better protected than the one next to it in the carpark. The system is designed to lock the straps under tension to prevent the boards sliding out so the only way to remove them is to cut the rack bars...

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  • Reviews

    • Frances Wilkins, 15 Aug 2006 Looks good, but haven\'t had the chance to use it yet as I have just come out to Australia for couple of weeks!
    • Ian Black, 22 Aug 2006 Excellent straps, I feel my boards are much more secure now and am able to go away from the car, especially when taking my long board.
    • michael rooke, 30 Aug 2006 works very well, keeps the board safe, in the middle of town or in the middle of the night whilst camping! Product is very easy to use and of course secure - great!!
    • Martin Haswell, 04 Sep 2006 Lovely soft straps, protects the bare board cosily but locks fast after a final tighten. Would recommend.
    • chris stratton, 21 Sep 2006 leaving boards on roof means less hassle and more peace of mind, quick and easy to use straps anyway.
    • Angus Watson, 17 Oct 2006 I felt very comfortable leaving my boards strapped to the top of the car.
    • Shorty, 01 Nov 2006 Seems to work left my board on top of car on Isle of Wight for 3 days and it didn\'t get nicked. Only minus point is taht it is difficult to tie the loose ends down. Overall I am impressed with this product.
    • Neil Craig, 26 Dec 2006 going to france to test them out!
    • Paul Talarico, 26 Feb 2007 does exactly what it says on the tin. great product, excellent build quality and i now can leave the car without fear of my stick taking a walk. if you haven\'t got them then you should.
    • Kevin McAlinden, 28 Apr 2007 Excellent job for roof racks. much more reliable than soft racks and a hell of a lot stronger
    • Adam Lawrence, 22 May 2007 Excellent for piece of mind when leaving your boards on the roof.
    • Mark Wilkinson, 13 Jun 2007 Great product, excellent on their own or ontop of existing straps as extra security. Their tough construction means they don\'t seem to fray annoyingly like other cheaper products.
    • Allin Hansen, 20 Jul 2007 Excellent - spent two weeks on a surf safari and never had an issue - very secure. Nice to be able to leave the boards on the rack and not worry..
    • Jerome , 20 Jul 2007 Product as designed and delivery is super-fast!! very efficient service!
    • Rob Girard, 24 Jul 2007 Easy to use, effective & stayed in place over 400 miles of travelling
    • matthias Verscheure, 08 Aug 2007 locks are very hard to close - gives sometimes troubles
    • chris a, 16 Aug 2007 plastic covers are a bit mickey mouse they stretch out of shape if not carefully positioned. but otherwise they seem like a good product.
    • Paul Maishman, 17 Aug 2007 Looks good, am off to Scotland next week, so will be making good use of them.
    • Sian Davies, 28 Aug 2007 Quick and very easy to use. Would highly reccomend. 2.5m easily secures 3 boards
    • Sonic, 12 Sep 2007 Appear to be good quality soft straps and with the lock are idead to use when you are leaviung your car unattended
    • Greg , 12 Sep 2007 Can now take my board to work & lock it on the roof.Now i can get to the beach earlier and spend more time in the water!
    • Dominic Palfreyman, 27 Sep 2007 very solid
    • MSH, 05 Nov 2007 They work, but make sure that your board cannot be wriggled out of any bag that it is in. Otherwise, good, easy to use and solid.
    • Miss V Hansford, 04 Dec 2007 Initially very impressed, although have not used them yet as they are a Christmas present for my boyfriend
    • Ash Randerson, 22 Jan 2008 i know my board is realy secure on my car when im traveling and when im parked.
    • terry wilson, 11 Feb 2008 great product and gives me confidence in be able to take a variety of boards when i go for a surf because i know they\'ll be safe left on the car while not being used
    • Andrew Waters, 16 Jul 2008 very good quality product. Easy to use but gives massive peace of mind leaving your car with board on the roof.
    • Urbanfox, 13 Sep 2008 Does exactly what it says on the tin!!
    • Michael McFaul, 09 Mar 2009 anyone with a kayak has gotta have these. peace of mind as the advert says priceless!
    • Allan Rorby, 16 Jun 2009 they do the job, still got all my boards,
    • William Diplexcito, 07 Jul 2009 A1 board security
    • Francis Bergin, 14 Sep 2009 I have just done a practice run with them so far. Look forward to using them long distance in two weeks time. Certainly all written descriptions are accurate.
    • PaulB, 16 Oct 2009 Leading the field in surfboard protection.
    • rachel, 14 Jan 2011 Might have bought them to long but I am sure we will be getting more boards!!
    • AVX, 29 Mar 2011 Excellent, a must have if you want peace of mind on your surf trips
    • Surfing widow, 02 Jun 2011 Just what my boyfriend was hoping for, the 2.5m straps were perfect for the 9.6 longboard on the roofrack, really sturdy and safe, and aside from the locking system (which is great), the straps themselves are better than any others we've had.
    • Bruno Mestre, 01 Aug 2011 excellent item
    • MS, 21 Sep 2011 Good solid product to keep the thieving f**kers at bay
    • Wiebe, 05 Oct 2011 Great straps!
    • Steve, 21 Oct 2011 Fits on roofracks, one key fits both locks, seems secure, and quick to fasten and release though you have to push the locking mechanism right down to get the key to turn sometimes. seems pricey for what it is.
    • BK, 22 Oct 2011 super Produkt, absolute Kaufempfehlung
    • steve yeo, 02 Nov 2011 they look the business !
    • Anthony Bate, 13 Apr 2012 These straps are excellent
    • Paul Rogers, 28 Jul 2012 Just a tad too short to double loop around the roof bars with two surf boards. Works well, locks well and gave a nice feeling of security :-)
    • Dyfed Williams, 07 Aug 2012 Expensive, but gave me complete peace of mind regarding my board on a recent three week camping trip to Spain and France. How replaceable is your current board?
    • Mitch, 16 Aug 2012 Fantastic product. Totally worth the price. Managed to strap 3 boards with 2.5m
    • Tsurfer, 28 Aug 2012 Perfect for early start and foreign travel. Made sure tight on with fins attached.
    • John S, 19 Sep 2012 Excellent product, very strong in construction very quick and easy to setup securely.
    • Anthony Shergold, 05 Oct 2012 Excellent. With a ��700 SUP on the rack, these are a must have. Top quality, great build. On the expensive side I guess but definitely worth it. Recommended.
    • Martin Halliwell, 10 Oct 2012 Great product. Good quality. As easy to use as normal straps but looks and feels secure.
    • JJWM, 16 Oct 2012 Bought as a replacement for previous set which died of old age. They're a great idea and originally purchased after having 3 boards stolen off the roof in France - they haven't been tested by anyone with a hacksaw so hopefully they act as a deterrent. Well made and probably worth the cost when measured against the price of replacement boards. Happy with them.
    • Gareth Kelly, 14 May 2013 very happly with the locking straps -
    • Duncan Smalley, 22 Jun 2013 A superb product that enables me to keep my sea kayak on the roof of my car for daily training with complete security. Ordered a second pair to ensure the security of my Karitech roofrack also. With about ��2000 at stake here I consider the price well worth it.
    • Craigy , 03 Jul 2013 Really awesome and a must have in my opinion. They are brilliant for when you go away surfing with a few boards on your roof and you want to have a look round before or after your session, it gives you that peace of mind that you know your boards are safe (unless your new age thief is walking around with bolt cutters hahaha). I have up to 3 boards I throw on top of my car and 4m is perfect, These are brilliant!
    • Christian, 17 Jul 2013 Great product. Gives a secure feeling when leaving boards on the roof.
    • nigel ballard, 05 Sep 2013 Used on cornwall trip boards secure on roof and peace of mind whenever leaving car,easy to use, took 2 boards with ease
    • Darryll Farley, 06 Sep 2013 A great product which gave us peace of mind while travelling down the west coast of france this summer. Will definitely use again
    • Andrew Tysoe, 18 Sep 2013 Great and any idiot should be able to use with ease
    • Luke, 20 Sep 2013 Really good straps, the 5.4m ones fit round my 3 surfboards and van roof bars twice! Could of easily got the smaller ones !
    • G Reynolds, 08 Nov 2013 Bought for a son - he tells me he is very happy with them
    • stephen courtney, 24 Nov 2013 not used yet
    • Dan , 28 Jan 2014 thank you very fast and good shipping. excellent. will happy to buy from you again.
    • Barry Short, 07 May 2014 Great straps for piece of mind. I leave my race SUP on the Van now.
    • Hils, 01 Jun 2014 Excellent service. Really speedy delivery. The straps look great, can't wait to use them.
    • Tom Dubyah, 16 Jul 2014 + feel way more solid than I expected and very easy to operate. You could hang the car off them. Nicly made. - the keys are a small & little flimsy. The hole in each key for the keyring is quite small. 4*
    • David Rees, 18 Jul 2014 Very good product which is easy to use and secure. A little tricky to tie off excess strap length but can be achieved with practice.
    • Mervyn DENNEHY, 04 Sep 2014 I'm very happy with the straps and plan to use them on a road trip through Spain and Portugal next month. They arrived in France quickly without any problems. It also feels good to order something from your online shop as I read your surf reports all the time. Thanks!
    • Francesco, 21 Oct 2014 good!
    • Jill Barber, 02 Jan 2015 No problem with the item purchased however I have received an endless amount of junk emails since which means I wont be purchasing from you again. Please remove me from your mailing list asap
    • Vince, 07 Feb 2015 Excellent service, great range of products and brilliant website, which I check into every morning. Nice one guys (and gals).
    • Andrew Ross, 28 Apr 2015 Solid straps. Kept my boards on the roof rack with no movement. Felt safe leaving my boards.
    • Andrew Smith, 14 Jul 2015 Used these to secure two longboards while driving around Devon and Cornwall for a week. I've still got the boards so I would call that successful.
    • Rich , 18 Aug 2015 Good product which gave me peace of mind when leaving my board strapped to my roof. Fast delivery and hassle free to order have already recommended to friends to get these from Magicseaweed
    • SD, 19 Aug 2015 Excellent straps, giving more security and a clear deterrent to anyone who might otherwise slash normal straps and steal your stuff. Nice and wide too, so the load is spread well. The rubber sleeves around the buckles are quite fragile though (both of mine have stretched and snapped when tightening the straps). MSW offered to replace them, but it doesn't affect using the strap, so I'm not bothered. Top marks to MSW for their customer service and communication though. Have recommended the strap and the shop to lots of people.
  • Questions

    • Hi Guys I have got 3 boards - 9ft 6 + 7ft 6 + 7 ft 7 I want to buy the lockable straps - will the 2.5m be suffice or will I have to get the 4m? Cheers I would go with the 4m straps.
    • I have 2 boards both 7'2 to bring from holland to portugal, is 2,5 m enough or should I tKE THE 4 meters to be sure ? I would take the 4m straps to be sure.