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Xcel Infiniti Comp 4/3mm 2017 Chest Zip Wetsuit - Graphite/ Denim

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Item 273700

  • Men's Xcel wetsuit
  • Thickness: 4/3mm
  • Entry: Xcels X2 chest zip entry system with magnetic zip closure
  • Neoprene: Lightweight V Foam Ultrastretch neoprene for ultimate freedom of movement.
  • Seams: Pressure bonded interior tape sealed seams that are glued and blind stitched
  • Seals: Nexskin liquid neoprene grip around the inner cuffs for better protection against unwanted flush / good pairing with wetsuit gloves
  • Knee panels: DuraFlex that are contoured with flex to allow freedom of movement

The Xcel Infiniti Comp is a 4mm wetsuit that is built to be as flexible as possible, while maintaining some features to ensure that you get a durable, warm wetsuit that will work throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn. The perfect choice for those cooler days, or for anyone surfing in cooler waters over the summer months, and for anyone who values flexibility and greater stretch over thickness and warmth. If you are someone who feels the cold in the summer, or wants to be super flexible around the shoulders and key areas, then look no further.

The suit is made of lightweight ?V Foam? neoprene, the top performance neoprene in the Xcel range. While most top brands run a ?Comp? series, what really makes the Infiniti Comp an industry stand-out is its expert cut, which incorporates one whole panel of neoprene from the chest all the way to the knee, which means your wetsuit is going to be as close to a seamless second skin as possible. Minimising the seams means more flexibility. The seams are glued and blindstitched through the entire suit, then covered on the inside of the suit with pressure bonded tape in the bottom half of the body, helping to keep the water out and increasing longevity.

Xcel's exclusive ?Quick Dry? lining is used in the suit from the upper chest, all the way down to the knee. Essentially, the Quick Dry lining wicks water away from your skin while providing added insulation, with the added bonus of drying more quickly in between sessions.

The 4mm Xcel Infiniti Comp is a very flexible Spring wetsuit, and we would say, would suit most surfers looking for a reliable 3 season wetsuit. Choose this if you prioritise flexibility and movement over out and out warmth.