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OP Dawn 33" Complete Surf Skateboard - Black Orange

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The crucial difference between the OP Dawn and the OP Sunset is the front truck, which allows a far greater degree of lateral rotation and flex. That's what distinguishes it from a standard cruiser and makes it a "surf skate", and you notice the difference as soon as you step on it: it's much less stable, much more pliant and manoeuvrable. The sensation of leaning into a turn is a closer imitation of its surfing counterpart, which makes this a great training aid – this is a highly functional piece of nostalgia, and will do wonders for your surfing.


  • Skateboard Type: Surf skate.
  • Length: 33"
  • Construction: Chinese maple 7-ply
  • Wheels: 51mm x 65mm, Durometer 78A
  • Bearings: Abec-7

Length 84 cm