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Ocean and Earth Slam 1 Piece Tail Pad - Blue

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The Slam one-piece grip pad is suitable for use on any shortboard model, but the extra width is ideal for small-wave boards and hybrid shapes which tend to have more surface area through the tail. Drive, grip, and precision are the three main aims of Ocean & Earth’s traction range, achieved here through a combination of closed-cell EVA (light, waterproof, extra thin for a superior feel) and a square groove pattern. There’s also a 7mm arch down the middle, which is fairly standard for a shortboard tailpad. Simple, effective, affordable.

  • One piece
  • 305mm long
  • 310mm wide
  • 7mm arch
  • 26mm kick
  • Square groove pattern, with slotted grooves down the arch
  • Made from Ocean & Earth's unique "CC55" closed-cell EVA, with 4A high-grade adhesive backing