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Fourth Surfboards bring tried and tested manufacturing methods, shaping experience and handcrafted local production in touch with the computer age with a series of shapes each designed with the very latest performance features. Handcrafted in the UK. With a host of top European surfers on the team pushing and testing the designs, and plenty of 'everyman' surfboards for average days, there's a Fourth Surfboard for every rider.

Shorty Flex-Lite

The Shorty is Fourth's new model, and this is their introduction into their new and exciting Flex-Lite constuction. The outline of the Shorty features a fairly straight rail line through the back of the tail, leading towards some curve in front of the fins and a slight parallel, to a gradual long curve, all the way to the nose. The idea being that you have pivot with tonnes of forward speed with as much rail in the face of the wave as possible. This ensures hold and speed is at an optimum and you feel like that speed is easy to control given the reduced over rail length, compared to a ‘standard’ shortboard. And that leads us to, the sqwallow-tail (not a typo, this is a mixture between a squash and swallow tail), which gives you that stability and solid back foot feel of the squash, with a little extra hold due to the break in rail off the bottom from the swallow. A great all-rounder.



"Speed, drive, mobility and flare. From small to good waves, the Shank is one of the best all-round shortboard models we have ever done" Luke Hart, Fourth Head Shaper. While the template screams performance shortboard, this board works in anything from around chest high and up. A shortboard that will make the average shortboarder surf better, make turns easier, improve your rail game and it is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. This board is a revelation, I cannot put it down, or, recommend it highly enough.


Shorty PU

The Shorty is a versatile all-rounder that performs with speed and control in waves that are lacking substance, as well as in waves of consequence. It is a blast to surf for any surfer from intermediate and up, and will help you improve and feel like you are surfing better than you ever have, no matter what the conditions. Available here in tradtional polyester construction, also available in Fourth's new and exciting Flex-Lite construction.


Chilli Bean

The Chilli Bean is built for any surfer who understands that if you’re not afraid of slightly more foam you can go shorter than you may have thought possible. More waves and more control will make anyone a better surfer. The Chilli Bean has been around since Fourth first invented itself, and its the most popular model in the range for one good reason; it works for every surfer, or nearly every ability in 99% of the waves you surf. The daddy.

From £479.99


The Stoker, a rework on design from Alan Stokes' first ever pro model. A super easy to surf and fun board. The Stoker is a board for total free-surfing expression. Whether you want to practice your airs, throw some rotation in the mix or whack the fins out, this is the ultimate tool for pure fun and stoke. A really addictive, fun shortboard for a wide range of conditions.



The Doofer works in almost any size wave that you come across. From mush to solid waves it is the ultimate all-rounder when you want to catch as many waves as possible and have a bunch of fun. The Fourth team have tested this board at one foot Fistral all the way to 6ft Thurso and it really is a one board quiver! A great paddler, fast, easy to turn and holds a lovely line in the barrel.


Burger Fish

The Burger Fish has been born from the love of speed and getting the most out of your surfing in less than perfect conditions. This doesn’t mean pack as much foam as possible in to a small board; otherwise you end up with something that only works in mushy, gutless waves. The Burger Fish is your go to board when you want plenty of fun, plenty of waves, and you want it to be easy. For a bit of extra spice ride it as a twin + trailer.


Mad Fresh

The Mad Fresh is basically what you need in a slightly shorter wider board to make it better on rail with more hold in the pocket. It’s the natural progression of a high performance surfboard - enabling not just airs and rotations but tighter radius turns in the pocket to really push the limits. Basically the easier a board is to surf, the easier it is to progress. This is just a follow on in design from working on boards with wider outlines and flatter rockers. The Mad Fresh is the go to board to enable you to go bigger and faster with more control.


Doofer ESE

The ultimate all-rounder in ESE epoxy construction. Superfused EPS Foam has a tighter fusion and cell structure due to the moulding process of the blank, this means the blank takes less resin and offers a tighter flex pattern than the standard EPS blanks available on the market. These blanks are around 25% lighter than standard blanks, so with the added flex properties you can see where the added performance comes from when riding the board. Added durability and longevity in a great all round board, what else do you need?



The great outline template of the Chilli Bean, from which the Reload was spawned, means you can have a load of volume but can still surf the board off the tail in smaller waves. The rockers have been raised to offer a bit more hold and mobility when the board gets its speed up, something that comes as a given when riding a plan shape like this at high volume. In a nutshell this means it’s very easy to catch the wave, and very easy to get instant speed. Now with the increased rockers this board has more control than aother short and wide shapes.

From £479.99


Bigger wave surfing is all about the right line and controlling your speed. The new charge will help maximise this ethos, while at the same time, making sure you get into the wave when you want to. Wider nose and tail templates have increased the platform and lengthened the rail. Couple this with extra overall template width, and you have a paddle machine that can take the wave early or be manipulated for later take offs dependant on the line you want to take. The board to use when the waves are pumping.

From £469.99

Bearman Pro

Performance surfing on a longboard! Construction and design meets surfing heritage and flow. Adam “Bearman” Griffiths' signature pro model. Characteristically, the boards aims are that of two previous models made into one; nose rides and flow, with a performance edge on rail. This board has high entry and exit rocker to accentuate rail work on waves with a pocket. This board is a great all rounder, perfect to use in any condition.