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Born at the juncture of fundamental design truths and a love of travel, Maluku surfboards will perform in the waves you love to surf. Each board is a timeless classic, handcrafted from tip-to-tail in the UK by traditional craftsmen, no Chinese popouts here. Tried and tested all over the world. These boards will ‘go’ wherever you may be.

Quad Fish

Featuring a distinctive retro outline, with modern bottom contours and rail shape (single to double concave with ‘V’ in the tail), the Quad Fish is totally contemporary. A refinement of the popular Keeler model, now featuring 4 fin plugs so you can ride it as either a quad or a twinnie. The swallow tail has been edited slightly, gone is the retro deep swallow, and in comes a newer, more modern, less pronounced version. Full rails in the mid section, refined boxy rails in the tail and modern performance rails in the nose.This thing is a blast to surf in both gutless summer slop as well as well groomed, lined up point breaks.


Fish Cake MKII

The MKII of the Fish Cake from Maluku includes a wing in the tail and 5 fin plugs so that you can ride it as either a thruster or a quad, depending on what you prefer. The wing pulls the tail in providing extra hold giving you a little more confidence when the waves are good. Extra foam under the chest for paddle speed, forgiving rails that will help anyone start to improve their turns and a nice relaxed template mean this would be a great first shortboard for anyone stepping down from a longer mini mal, or for the competent shortboarder looking for extra volume.



When designing the Satu, Maluku referenced and revisited the best of the 1970’s single fin surfboards. The Satu has an elegant timeless outline that sniffs out speed, provides easy paddling but still offers control and flow. A totally dynamic shape. From single fin, to cruiser (single + sides) or thruster. Whether you are new to single fin boards, or want to improve your surfing, the Satu will adapt to your needs.

From £539.99


The classic egg. Take a longboard, cut out the middle and you have flotation and fun that emulates the cruisey soul style of great longboarding with half the foam and half the restrictions. With a flat rocker, loads of foam and longboard rails you've got a board that'll draw a classic line, turn on a dime and even allow the odd, cheeky noseride if conditions permit. A fantastic all-round board, and great addition to any quiver.

From £479.99

Flying Frog

It's every surfers dilemma, particularly when the waves are small or weak: You want to get in the water, you want to catch waves, you need the board to help you generate speed BUT you still want to be able to lay it on a rail and throw a little spray. The front end is similar to a traditional egg or even minimal, but the tail is all rounded pin shortboard. The Flying Frog is Maluku's best seller for a reason; it catches waves easily, surfs off the tail like a shortboard, and is super versatile. What else do you need?

From £479.99


Some designs never need changing. A longboard that'd be as familiar to a surfer from the 1960's as it is to a new generation of rippers - proving that with glide and speed surfing can be more art than sport. "The Kayu is a based on a a board shape we have been tuning and adapting for the last 20 years". Mid to low nose rocker for easy wave catching and nose riding, with higher tail lift for good manoeuvrability. The Kayu is an excellent high volume log which catches loads of waves when its small, and is happy to slip you into a bigger wave face for a fun ride.


Flying Frog Eco Epoxy

The same high performance and exciting Flying Frog, with an added nod in the eco-friendly direction. Entropy super sap resins, reduced gas emmisions in manufacturing using green chemistry (compared to standard PU) plant based carbon and re-used waste products. Sustainable Surf certified. This super light, super strong, and super durable Flying Frog not only performs excellently, but also helps you be a more sustainble surfer. What a winner.

From £529.99