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With winter swells fast approaching, it’s time to put your summer groveller away and look for something with performance in mind. These boards carry less width throughout, a more pulled in tail, narrower nose and less volume than your small wave board meaning you can surf in more critical parts of the wave. While you will be losing a little paddle power because of it, the benefits when up and riding will mean that you can surf with confidence knowing that your board of choice can handle whatever conditions you choose to go out in. If you are looking for a board to take on your next surf trip, or one for home throughout the winter months - we have you covered. Here are five hand-picked favourites that will help make the most of quality waves.


By Lost

Taj Burrow and Lost have teamed up to bring you The Tube Pig. Built to withstand the heavy beatings and barrels of Taj’s home breaks in WA, the Tube Pig features a pronounced round pin tail, a slightly narrower than average middle section between your feet and a slightly wider nose to assist with paddle speed and wave entry. With a high performance rocker profile, but slightly less concave than other high performance models, the Tube Pig runs a smooth continuous rail line, and oozes drive off of the front foot, control in the barrel and confidence in the most critical parts of the wave. This is a board that you want to have with you when it’s firing, heavy and hollow. If you are a competent shortboarder, then look to the Tube Pig in or around the same length, or slightly longer, than your standard shortboard.



By Fourth

Fourth Surfboards’ Mad Fresh is a high performance shortboard, with a little more volume pumped in to make the most of less-than-perfect conditions that still have plenty of grunt. With a nice, sleek shortboard outline, gentle curves through the centre leading into a slight hip and a pulled in rounded squash tail, you have control and great pivot off your back foot whilst generating speed seamlessly. A curvy high performance rocker, with some flick in the nose and tail to offer hold in the pocket and to really help accentuate solid drawn out powerful gauges and turns. This board has tonnes of drive and control and really works well in decent waves. The Mad Fresh is at home sitting in the pocket and gives you the confidence to really lay into your rail game and works equally well above the lip. This is a MSW staff favourite throughout the winter months.



By Haydenshapes

The White Noize is Haydenshapes most recent shortboard, which he recommends, to use in "smaller" beach break conditions. However, the template, volume, rail line and tail shape all mean that this board will work well in decent waves. With smooth continuous lines throughout, smooth continuous rocker and outline curves, the White Noize feels at home in all parts of the wave and wants to be surfed aggressively on rail and above the lip. The plan shape has been increased around the 12” mark from both the nose and the tail, increasing the sweet spot from which to generate speed and pop in those less than average conditions, which also helps you generate and keep speed in decent waves too. Moderate concave runs through the entire length of the board, fading out slightly towards the nose and tail.



By Channel Islands

In collaboration with Dane Reynolds, Channel Islands’ Peregrine model is a high performance surfboard with fuller rails and slightly more volume throughout to suit Dane’s powerful, explosive style. With four channels, this board is designed for maximum down the line speed, quick transitions and big rail turns. Its low entry rocker turns into slightly more curve through the channels and centre of the board, then flat through the tail with a little break around the front fins offering great speed and release off the tail. The four channels sit within a single concave that runs through the length of the board for all-out speed. Perfect for waves up to around head and a half in height or those with a powerful rail game, the guys at CI (and we agree) recommend to ride this around the same height as you are tall if you are a competent shortboarder.



By Fourth

Bigger wave surfing is all about the right line and controlling your speed. The new charge will help maximise this ethos, while at the same time, making sure you get into the wave when you want/need to. With a wider nose and tail template and a lengthened rail line, extra overall template width, and you have a paddle machine that can take the wave early or be manipulated for later take offs dependant on the line you want to take. The exit rocker is fairly low, while the entry rocker is high with a gradual curve. This ensures a lot of board is connected to the face on take offs and down the line, giving you control when you get a big section to pump through, a big bottom turn to execute, a slashing hack, or to stall into the barrel. This board is about charging when the waves are pumping. A perfect travel companion.