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The winter months are drawing to an end and the summer is just around the corner. The water temperature is still yet to rise to a level that you want to be in your 3mm, but you are getting a little toasty in your 5mm; here we look at our pick of the best 4mm wetsuits that can help with the transition into summer. MSW staff’s most used wetsuit thickness, more flexibility, more freedom, more fun!

Drylock by Xcel

The Drylock is Xcel’s premium suit, it sits at the top of the range boasting an array of performance and technical features to ensure that no matter what, you are going to be warm and flexible. Stitchless seams, lightweight neoprene, hydrophobic water repellant outer lining and plush fluffly inner lining throughout; this suit is packed with usefull technology that makes it one of the warmest 4mm wetsuits on the market, a MSW staff favourite.


Psychotech by O'Neill

The Psychotech features O'Neill's exclusive, super stretchy, TechnoButter 2 neoprene with their Firewall insulation lining on the chest and back panels for added core warmth, a liquid fluid weld on the outer seams and O'Neill's excellent F.U.Z.E chest entry system. A well rounded, flexible and warm 4mm wetsuit that will get you out of your 5mm sooner and back into it much later. O'Neill's innovation in wetsuit technology keeps on rolling.


Nieuwland by Finisterre

If you want warmth and durability in your 4mm wetsuit over everything else, then look no further. This 4mm will be suitable for some, even throughout the winter months. 4.5mm chest and back panels (with an added lumbar patch for extra thickness and warmth around the kidneys), 3.5mm legs and arms, and a seam tape that is 50% wider than other brands to keep water out. This wetsuit is designed to keep you as warm as possible and last the test of time. A thick 4mm for those cold water lovers.


E-Bomb by Rip Curl

A performance 4mm wetsuit that is designed to be as flexible as possible, Rip Curl's E-Bomb combines super stretchy E4 neoprene and minimal seam design to achieve one of the most flexible 4mm wetsuits here. This years E-Bomb, new for 2017, comes with external liquid seams on the lower body for added durabilty and to prevent any water leakage. If you surf in warmer waters or somewhere where even the summer months don't get particularly wintery, the E-Bomb is a clever choice.


Fusion by Hurley

The cheapest wetsuit in this section, the Fusion from Hurley punches way above its weight. Super stretchy "Flex Lite" neoprene, fluffy lining on the chest and back panels for added warmth and quick drying between sessions and internally taped seams mean that this wetsuit offers all of the technological bells and whistles you would expect from a more expensive wetsuit, at a fraction of the price. Plus, you get the iconic Hurley "double stripe" leg...winner.