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Winter best wetsuits

Winter is on our doorstep and I’m sure you can feel the water getting colder every day! Luckily enough, we have the latest winter wetsuit drops from the world’s foremost wetsuit companies. The range is huge, so we’ve decided to hand pick some of our favourite wetsuits for you to check out.

We’ve got premium suits with the best tech in the world, budget suits for those of you approaching your first winter season, 5mms, 6mms and where possible have listed the suits available with an attached hood. Stay warm this winter and prepare for the glorious winter swells!

Rip Curl Flashbomb Heatseeker

The Flashbomb Heatseeker is the world’s fastest drying wetsuit and to date, Rip Curl’s warmest. Built from a combination of E5 Flash neoprene, full E5 flash lining and Rip Curl’s latest tech, flex energy neoprene. This rubber generates heat when stretched, so get paddling! If you want a high-end wetsuit (with or without a hood) and you’re not willing to compromise a perfect winter swell, then you must consider this wetsuit.

Hurley Advantage Plus 5/3mm 2019 Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit

The Advantage plus promises to get people surfing where the crowds are smaller and the conditions less friendly, the cold water. The Hooded Advantage Plus is made with 100% Exoflex stretch neoprene and an interior hollow-fibre fleece lining to trap the heat inside, where it should be! The attached hood will become a favourite feature as the waters get colder and you'd prefer your head not to freeze over every time you duck under a wave. A moderate price and high-quality features ensure this is one of the best wetsuits on the market.

C-Skins Wired 5/4mm 2018 Chest Zip

The Wired suit is the team favourite every season and C-skins have ensured that this year’s version is it’s warmest ever. Constructed using 100% Xtend Neoprene and a combination of Dryknit, ThermoTech and Ultimate flex lining to keep you as warm as possible. You also get all the premium features you’d expect, mesh panelling to block wind chill, lock down cuffs, Xtend Fusion isolation tape and the option of buying the suit with or without a hood. This is the best Wired yet.

O'Neill Hyperfreak 5/4mm Chest Zip Wetsuit - Black

The O’Neill Hyperfreak is a mid-priced, chest zip winter wetsuit that is constructed from exclusive TechnoButter materials. It provides maximum stretch, is lighter than it’s ever been, absorbs less water and most importantly will provide lasting warmth. To get into the suit you’re given an O’Neill’s unique chest zip entry that features a glideskin seal neck, drain holes and an inner barrier to block water getting into your suit. This affordable, light and comfortable suit is for regular surfers in cold water.

Quiksilver Syncro 5/4mm 2019 Chest Zip Wetsuit

The Syncro Series is a budget priced range of wetsuits by Quiksilver, coming in simple designs and the latest technology. Created using FN LITE Neoprene and Warmflight thermal lining, this rubber will keep body heat in and the water out. A thermal smoothie back panel will retain heat and block the wind chill while you’re waiting for the next set. This suit is amazing value for money and will ensure you stay warm this winter!

Xcel Drylock X 5/4mm 2019 Chest Zip

The Drylock X is the premium wetsuit in Xcel’s 2019 range and contains an array of the highest performing technical features to keep you comfortable in the coldest water. Constructed with Japanese nanoprene and a Thermo Dry Cellient lining to help wick away water and convert lost body heat into infrared energy for ultimate warmth. Available with or without a hood, the Drylock X is for the committed cold-water surfer who wants the best suit possible for the decreasing ocean temperatures.

Rip Curl G Bomb 5/3mm

Rip Curls latest G bomb introduces us to new and exclusive technology, the super stretchy E6 neoprene. This high-performance material creates the most flexible and stretchy suit Rip Curl have made to date. You also get an inner E5 Flash lining, E6 stress point taping and a zip free entry that uses an adjustable cord closure system to replace the chest zip and prevent flushing. Available in a range of colours, designs and thicknesses, you will be able to find the right G Bomb for your local.

Xcel Infiniti

The Infiniti range by Xcel is the brands all-rounder, a warm and stretchy wetsuit. Infiniti’s come with the 2 most critical Xcel features, the Japanese limestone nanoprene and Thermo Dry Celliant Lining. These are the fundamental elements keeping you comfortable and warm in the water. All the normal extras of a high-quality suit are included, Inner FusionX taping, chest zip entry, seals in the body openings and the extra option of selecting a version with or without a hood. The Infiniti is a premium wetsuit at an affordable price that offers the top of the range features you will need to keep cosy this winter.

Need advice? Drop us a line. With years of expertise we are confident that we can help you find the right wetsuit. With Free UK Delivery on all orders over £30 and Free Returns*, we have you totally covered.